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If 90 percent of Kosovo is inhabited by Albanians not finally what gets what it is entitled to, namely an internationally controlled independence, then there threatens economic instability and also political unrest.
If Kosovo, where 90% of the population is Albanian, does not finally get what it deserves, namely independence under international supervision, then economic instability and political unrest could ensue.
Why are you doing not finally a proposal?
We deliver not finally Results, I will definitely be transferred.
Do you want yours not finally Listen?
If you now not finally pull the trigger, you're making the last mistake of your life.
If you don't kill me right now, it will be the last mistake you ever make.
If they not finally To express it clearly, I get angry.
If someone doesn't begin making sense here I'm going to become most annoyed.
You can both not finally stop?
Would you both just cut it out for one second?
But that mustn't be a reason for it not finally to tackle.
Why are you killing me not finally?
If Monsieur Louvois not finally shut up, I'll see to it.
If Monsieur Louvois does not soon hold his tongue, I may volunteer to hold it for him.
If this message to the Commission not finally arrives, then God have mercy on all your successors in the next term of office.
If the present Commission does not at last get that message, then heaven help their successors in the next one.
If we not finally practicing close ranks, the next crisis may kill us.
I really wonder if we can not finally should make a leap in quality.
I really wonder whether the time has not come to make a qualitative leap.
Will the commission not finally take a stand in this dispute?
Will the Commission finally decide where it stands in this debate?
The Chinese and Indian ambitions are likely to fuel that even further if we do not finally make a U-turn.
The ambitions of China and India will probably push this even further if we do not ultimately make a U-turn.
Can you me not finally times to enlighten?
Mom, we can not finally leave here?
Why are we driving not finally Come on?
More than 30 indigenous peoples threaten the destruction of their livelihoods if the richest industrial nations not finally effectively reduced their greenhouse gas emissions.
More than 30 indigenous peoples face the destruction of their livelihood if the richest industrialized countries fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions effectively.
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