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BCAAs - Effective effect for building muscle

The performance-enhancing effects More and more users are taking advantage of BCAAs.The amino acids provideversatile advantages and are helpful in the muscle building phase and in the diet.Endurance athletes, martial artists and strength athletes can also benefit from the additional intake of BCAAs.

What is BCAA?

BCAAs are real all-rounders for your muscles. BCAA stands for “branched chain amino acids”. In German, this stands for “branched-chain amino acids”. This includes three of the essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These play an important role in muscle quality and are a quick source of energy for the workout.

Find out which foods contain branched-chain amino acids in our amino acid list.

per 100 g
beef1.7 g leucine, 1.1 g isoleucine, 1.2 g valine
Chicken1.7 g leucine, 1.1 g isoleucine, 1.1 g valine
Wild salmon1.8 g leucine, 1.2 g isoleucine, 1.4 g valine
egg0.54 g leucine, 0.3 g isoleucine, 0.4 g valine
rice0.67 g leucine, 0.33 g isoleucine, 0.46 g valine


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Effects of BCAAs

BCAAs are the building blocks of muscles. The more BCAAs available to him through food or supplements, the better he can dobuild new muscles or protect the existing ones from degradation.

Regardless of whether you want to reduce fat or gain muscle mass:

BCAAs support your body and help you reach your training goal faster.

BCAAs are important during intensive training, as they generate energy from the body's own muscle mass and thusPrevent muscle breakdown.

They also take care of youmore effective muscle building after training and at the same time promote fat loss.

Promotion of muscle building right after training

The anabolic (muscle building) effects of BCAAs after exercise are also valued by many recreational athletes.

BCAAs stimulate when they dotogether with carbohydrates be taken, the insulin secretion.

Studies couldStimulating the insulin response by up to 66%.4 Since insulin is a strong anabolic hormone, this has a positive effect on muscle building.

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Support of fat loss

BCAAs have shown beneficial effects on body composition in other studies.

Experienced subjects lost an average of 2.2% body fat and gained 4.2 kg of muscle mass over an 8-week trial.5

BCAAs can also use thePromote muscle growth and fat loss.

Protection against muscle breakdown

BCAAs are mostly used with the keywordMuscle protection connected.

If the body is supplied with BCAAs, it pulls during exerciseno amino acids from muscle stores to generate energy, which would result in a breakdown of the muscle substance.

The ingestion of amino acids has the effect that the body can fall back on more freely available BCAAs and leaves the supplies untouched.1

Studies have shown thatMuscle damage after long, intensive training sessions through regular BCAA consumption.2

Research also showed that BCAAs reduce the activity of enzymes that stimulate muscle breakdown.3

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When is the best time to take BCAA?

BCAAs are all-rounders and fulfill various functions that vary with the time of use around the training.

Before the training when taken, they primarily serve to supply energy and protect against catabolic (i.e. muscle-degrading) processes.

After training do you own onestimulating effect on protein synthesis and thus support both muscle building and regeneration.

If you train intensively several times a week, ideally also take a ration of BCAA’s early in the morning to get theregenerative processes to stimulate in the body and thus to be able to maintain a high level of training over the long term.

Detailed information can be found here: BCAA intake

BCAA side effects

BCAAs are amino acids that are also found in protein in natural nutrition.

TheSkeletal muscles of humans consists of about 35% BCAAs.

It is about anon-toxic compound. Studies have also shown larger amounts in the high, double-digit gram rangeno harmful effect shown.6

Such an extreme supply should nevertheless be avoided. In order to completely rule out slight intolerances such as flatulence or skin reactions, a daily intake ofmaximum 10g not be exceeded.

When do BCAAs start to work?

Unlike typical pre-workout supplements and boosters such as L-arginine, it is made from BCAAsno directly perceptible effect (Pump or similar) to be expected.

Rather, the user benefits from m in the medium and long termmore muscle mass, less body fat and a general increase in performance and well-being.

The big advantage of BCAAs is thatrapid absorptionthrough the body.

The muscle protection takes effect immediately after a single application.

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How are BCAAs processed in the body?

Muscle protection

BCAAs are the amino acidsValine, leucine and isoleucine.

In contrast to other amino acids, they are not metabolized by the liver, but are directly available to the body.

He uses BCAAs during training, among other things, for the resynthesis of ATP, an enzymatic compound that the muscles act asprimary energy source serves.

So taking BCAAs before exercise creates a fast source of energy made available, which the organism prefers to use.

The BCAA stores in the muscles also remain in this wayduring long training sessions untouched.

The effect: More energy, even with long training and protection against muscle breakdown and destruction.

Fat burning

An increased level of BCAA in the blood signals the body that muscle tissue has been destroyed.

He then no longer uses the BCAA reserves in the muscles to generate energy, but uses itEnergy reserves from the fat deposits.

BCAAs therefore have a supportive effect in reducing body fat.

Muscle building

BCAAs are linked to several beneficial effects on muscle building.

For example, they promote theRelease of the growth hormone STHwhich in turn stimulates protein synthesis and at the same time has a supporting effect on the metabolism.

The amino acid leucine also activates the protein mTor, a protein that is important for all growth processes in the human organism.

Then there is theStimulation of insulin release - ideally when taken together with carbohydrates after the workout.

This effect can be described as the most significant when it comes to building muscle.

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EAA stands for “essential amio acids”. Your body cannot produce the so-called essential amino acids itself. Accordingly, it depends on you taking them in with your diet. The eight essential amino acids also include the branched-chain amino acids. The BCAAs leucine, valine and isoleucine thus make up part of the EAAs.

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