What is the best subject in school

A choice for life

The answer to the question of which subjects one would like to study with the professional goal of becoming a teacher is very important. And again memories of your own school days flash through your head. There was the nice math teacher who always came to class with a turtleneck and a dark blue corduroy jacket. And you think back to the young English teacher who lisped what initially brought her blasphemous remarks from some boys, until they not only noticed that this peculiarity resulted in a brilliant "pronunciation", but also that Miss Meier was very demanding and strict . As difficult as it may be to ignore these memories of your own school days, it is just as important to be clear about the scope of the choice of subject and the associated decision and to deal thoroughly with the question.

Forever the English teacher

The subjects and the combination of subjects form the profile for the entire career in later teaching. This means that in the eyes of the school management, colleagues, parents and students, the personality is linked to the subjects. You are the English or French teacher or the music teacher, and you cannot get out of this role in around 40 years of professional activity. Both the content-related dimension of the subjects and their formal aspects have an impact on how you fulfill your role as a teacher.

Major or minor?

Subjects have different weightings in the schoolchildren's education. Both in everyday school life and in school reports, a distinction is made between “major subjects” and “minor subjects”. Major subjects have more hours per week than minor subjects, and the correction effort required in a major such as English is significant compared to a subject such as sports or music. There is usually no compensation for this different workload. At the same time, however, it should also be borne in mind that as a representative of a major subject one can, under certain circumstances, expect the students to receive an authority bonus from the school management through the subject itself.

Good prerequisites for choosing a subject

In addition to these connections with the choice of subjects, which are primarily due to the school system, there are considerations that bring one's own personality more into play. In this context, it is important to keep the following in mind: You can change the make of your own car in the course of your life. In contrast, the subjects studied accompany you throughout your professional life.

When deciding in favor of a course of study and later a subject, one's own abilities and skills, acquired at home, in school or through extracurricular activities, are an important criterion. The joy of dealing with certain content and an emotional connection to a subject are good prerequisites for academic studies and later professional activity. At the same time, for example, teaching a language subject (keyword "class trip") is almost always associated with the willingness to accompany a learning group to the target language country, in the subject of German to a theater performance or - as the example of colleague Tim shows - to get involved with the learning group to exchange very personal, existential questions, to initiate and accompany this process. It is important to also consider these facets of a subject.

Source: This article is an excerpt from the textbook: Gerlach, D. / Leupold, E. (2017):
Step by step: get in - design - persevere. Practical book for studies, legal clerkship and teaching, edited by Lisa Blödorn (May 17, 2019)