What's the best legend in Hearthstone

hi, just made it to the rank of legend for the first time 😀

but what now? does the legendary card back only exist at the end of the season? can I fall off the rank again at lose? Can I no longer play rated games for 7 days because I may have a loose streak and slide into a bottomless position? Does the rank have anything else besides the "murderously important" card backs? what is the number in the symbol all about?

please clarification 🙂

March 24th, 2014 at 10:14 pm

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Hey GZ first, so you will probably not get a card back because the test season is still running and the card backs will probably only be playable with the first * correct * season.
But I'm not 100% sure about that.
Now you can only fall to lower legendary ranks and not back to rank 1 or 2 after loosestreaks.
So the number stands for your Legendary Ranking.
The top 100 i.e. 1-100 are posted by Blizzard at the end of a season (separately Na, Eu and Asia) so this would probably be the next goal imo to achieve, which does not give a reward but at least you can improve your ego with it lol ne ma Joking aside, I'll just leave the word prestige or how to write it in the room 🙂

Now what does the Legendary rank bring you apart from card backs that can be unlocked in the future?
I personally see it as an incentive to meet better players and thus learn more and experience better games.


Well, what now? Is Hearthstone's main problem right now. From the next season on, you can at least earn the backs of cards, but unfortunately there are no other rewards here. At least a little gold or a few boosters for a high rank would certainly be a nice incentive, I hope something will happen in the future.

Exactly, at the moment you don't have a lot of tangible information about it, but I still want to congratulate you. 🙂

And then in the coming month there will be the first rewards in the form of the card backs mentioned. 🙂

thanks for the congratulations 😀

yes ne certain bonus would be nice ... or at least at the end of the season generally depending on the rank.

Aside from the legend, you don't even reach rank 4 or so. hope there is still something to come 🙂

In the end, the place is also crucial, as the best Hearthstone players automatically qualify for a major Blizzard tournament.

But I am also in favor of the ranks being rewarded more. As with the arena, if someone performs well, they should also benefit from it. So far it is unimportant whether you are rank 5 or 20.