What does it mean to fight fair

When we see boys interacting with one another, we often observe that physical contact plays a special role. Many boys seek rubbing, pushing, pushing, wrestling and fighting against each other in order to come into contact with one another. In many contexts this is not desired and is usually prevented because other behaviors are required. It is also often feared that the transitions to violent and violent acts are fluid and the situation could get out of control.

Fight fair! starts with what is fun for many boys and therefore attractive to them: the powerful dynamic body contact with simultaneous respect for one another, without violence and without losers. Fight fair! creates lively moments in the boys' group, in which important topics such as respect, fairness, compassion, honor, shame can be experienced, reflected on and discussed. So supported Fight fair! Boys in their personal development and is considered an effective method of violence prevention.

Important developmental stimuli that we boys share Fight fair! can convey are in particular:

  • a positive approach to male strength and aggression
  • a strengthening of self-confidence and the ability to act
  • dealing with one's own feelings
  • the experience of previously neglected values

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