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Book series: Harper Brothers by Ella Gold

4.7 stars from 75 ratings

All books in chronological order

  1. Volume 1: Snowflakes on Hot Skin

    First publication: 01/30/2018
    Current issue: 01/30/2018
    ♥ Soft - BDSM - romance novel ♥
    The long-awaited new book by bestselling author Ella Gold that is guaranteed to get under your skin!
    Only for a short time at the introductory price of 0.99 euros!

    ♥ Victoria ♥
    Nothing has been the same since I first saw him. His charisma got me straight away
    under her spell. Markus is a tattoo artist, which makes me want to work in his studio
    get a tattoo from his employee Eileen. I want to have snowflakes
    in a very intimate place between my legs that seems to have been icy for years.
    Only in Markus ‘presence do I feel a throbbing deep inside me ... What it triggers in my vagina and in my heart,
    is incomparable. Fortunately, he is not present when my meeting is due.
    Because I could never present myself to him naked ...

    ♥ Markus ♥
    When I first saw her, I knew she had a submissive streak.
    Her clumsiness and her shyness, which she cannot cover up in my presence,
    show me how much the cathedral affects them in me. But since my lover's death three years ago
    I buried my dark side and made up my mind never to live out my passion again,
    although I have my own BDSM club that I haven't entered for a long time.
    But Victoria scratches my iron shell. It stimulates the cathedral in me in an unimaginable way.
    Especially when my employee Eileen has to leave surprisingly and I am now responsible for
    Victoria to get an intimate tattoo ...
    When she suddenly lies naked and legs apart in front of me, my good resolutions start to falter.
    And I can no longer ignore the tingling sensation in my palms.

    ♥ Snowflakes on hot skin ♥ is a self-contained novel for the new Dark Dream series,
    at the center of which is an exclusive BDSM club in Munich. Markus Harper starts off.
    You will also get to know his brother Philip, who in ♥ Hot rhythms on glowing skin ♥
    gets its own story.
    The stories are not classic BDSM novels, but are primarily about real love,
    deep feelings, heartache, lust and passion.
    Ella Gold wouldn't be on it if the stories didn't get under your skin
    in this respect, feeling is back in fashion ... have fun!

    ♥ Snowflakes on hot skin ... ♥
    A tattoo artist,
    a dance teacher,
    a BDSM club,
    an intimate tattoo,
    and a woman who doesn't know what's happening to her ...
  2. Volume 2: Soft feathers on glowing skin

    First publication: May 4th, 2018
    Current edition: 05/05/2018
    ♥ I breathe to make you happy ... ♥ SINGLE TAPE - Self-contained story! (Can be read without prior knowledge) ♥ JULIA I swore to myself that I would never fall in love with him, and now it has happened. But who can resist him, Philip Harper, the hottest dance teacher I've ever seen. The hearts of his course participants just fly to him. Since he pays me more attention than the others, I do not have a good position with some women. I realize that when I accidentally forget my key at the dance school and go back to get it there. I get into Philips' cellar. But it's no ordinary cellar! It must be some dark love club he runs here. Out of sheer fear I hide, but am discovered - of all people by Lydia, my worst rival. For them, I'm a goddamn thing. She claims that I am a slave and dragged me to her husband, who is the jailer here and lets me go through hell with Lydia. I scream for Philip as loud as I can, because only he can save me ... he knows who I really am. ♥ PHILIP Actually, I had sworn to myself never to let love into my heart again, because I learned early on how painful it can be. But I did the math without Julia. She's in my dance class and seems to be interested in me too. Unfortunately, a tragic incident occurs when she falls into the hands of Lydia and Pierre during our anniversary celebration in the Dark Dream. I am not present when she is tortured so badly by the two of them that I can hear their screams all the way up to the dance school. She's just a pile of misery when I finally free her. Fortunately, Markus and Vic are there. Together we will do everything we can to help Julia. But the more time I spend with her, the more the chains that I've put around my heart for years break ... Unfortunately, there is still the problem with my dark passion that dominates me. Will I ever be able to lure Julia back into the Dark Dream, where she had to suffer the worst hours of her life? Or will I have to choose between her and the club? ♥ Soft feathers on glowing skin ♥ is a self-contained novel for the new Dark Dream series, which this time focuses on the dance teacher Philip Harper and Julia. But Markus and Vic are also involved in the story. This book is primarily about real love, deep feelings, fear, despair, heartbreak, lust and passion, and despite the difficult situation, the humor is not neglected, Linda makes sure that you will get to know her. You will laugh, you will cry, you will curse and you will fall in love ... Ella Gold wouldn’t be on it if the lines didn’t get under your skin, so feeling is all the rage again ... have fun!