Why do Muslim scholars frighten Muslims

I would like to discuss Islam, violence and peace


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As you write, they lack "the great common outcry of all peace-loving and truly devoted Muslims in the world that they no longer want to allow their faith to be misused in the name of terrorists". Obviously it did not get through to you that there are many peace-loving Muslims in Germany and not only there. These Muslims are by no means intimidated, but regularly call on their fellow believers not to be content with proclaiming "Islam is peace" like a prayer wheel, but also to face religious practices that contradict an enlightened society.

"When will the religious and political leaders of the Islamic world finally come together to explain and demonstrate to the world that Islam and terrorism are irreconcilable?" You should actually know that Muslim scholars have repeatedly distanced themselves in the past from violence in the name of Allah. Two years ago, for example, 120 Islamic scholars from all over the world criticized and rejected the ideology of the Islamic State in a joint letter. Not to mention the joint position of the Islamic theologians at German universities.

They also ask themselves when a "great common demonstration of peacefulness will finally take place here too". Such rallies take place again and again in German cities. After the attack on the editorial staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Muslim associations organized a rally at the Brandenburg Gate. Islamic organizations in Germany also regularly take a stand against terror and violence. I would even go so far as to claim that the inflation of public positions against Islamist violence has almost itself become a problem - because this way neither the non-Muslims who are critical of us can be persuaded nor the deluded who legitimize violence with Koran suras.

Canan Topçu

was born in Bursa (Turkey) in 1965. Today she lives as a publicist in Darmstadt, where she teaches media at the University of Applied Sciences.

It is more helpful to study the passages of the Koran that call for violence against people of different faiths. Professors like Mouhanad Khorchide repeatedly point out that these suras have no validity beyond the context in which they were created. There are a number of associations in Germany - such as the Liberal-Islamic Federation or the Muslim Forum Germany - that repeatedly speak out to appeal to Muslims to be historical and critical with the passages of the Koran that call for violence to deal with. This is the only way to prevent Islam from being instrumentalized, which ultimately leads to the radicalization of young Muslims.

It is not helpful how you point out against your better judgment that Christians are exposed to persecution in refugee shelters. Only recently both churches came to the conclusion in a joint statement that there is no "comprehensive and systematic discrimination" of Christians in refugee homes. By repeating rumors and misinformation, you add fuel to the fire and divide more than you reconcile.

But I believe and I am convinced that this was not the actual intention of your text. From your text the horror speaks of a violence that leaves you stunned. In this horror we are alike. Qua Amt is for you reconciliation and understanding at the center of thinking and willing - or at least it should. We, the peace-loving Muslims in Germany, are always ready for reconciliation and understanding. We're not scared. We are not dumb.

At this point I would like to discuss with you about us, Islam, violence and peace.

Canan Topçu