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Professional degrees: SEO I Google Analytics I Google Ads I Content Marketing I Social Media I Instagram Marketing

Show others that you are an SEO expert. Get a degree as an SEO Professional - easily and conveniently from your home office!

After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and a badge for your website and your LinkedIn profile. In this way you show the market, your customers or your company that you have profound know-how in the field of search engine optimization.

80% of all DAX companies are customers of 121WATT. Your employees learn the digital craft with us.

Our digital course with final exam to become an SEO Professional:

With our digital training and the final exam to become an SEO Professional, you document real specialist know-how:

  • we are a TÜV-certified learning service provider according to ISO 29990,
  • our seminars have state-recognized MBA quality and
  • our degrees are recognized in the industry.

With our SEO Professional Certificate for your application portfolio and the badge for your website and LinkedIn profile, you can prove your expertise. Show your clients that you are an expert and take your career to the next level!

To pass the exam, you have 3 attempts.

Preparation for the exam:

    • Under the menu item "Prices" we offer you attractive bundle prices with our online course on search engine optimization. Therefore our recommendation: Use our SEO online course from Alexander Holl, one of the most famous German SEO experts. In the SEO online course, he will impart the knowledge you need for the exam.
    • Alternatively, you can also visit our SEO seminars and learn the art of search engine optimization in direct exchange with our trainers.
    • You will also have access to our pool of training questions for 12 months to optimally prepare for the exam.

Your advantages when you prepare with the online course:

  • The course includes whopping 11 hours Well-founded search engine optimization know-how from Alexander Holl, one of the top SEO experts in Germany.
  • Alexander Holl conveys the content to you clearly using numerous practical examples and numerous SEO tools.
  • Best practices make the topic clear and motivate you to apply the learned content immediately.
  • The extensive documentsyou getto download,so that you can take your own notes during the course.
  • After each chapter you can share your knowledge in onequiz check.
  • If you have any questions, this is available121WATT team gladly available. We have one for exchanging contentFacebook community on digital marketing..


Target group of the SEO Professional degree:

Google search traffic is the primary source of website traffic for most businesses. Aligning your own pages optimally to users who come via Google is the success factor in digital business for many. Our SEO Professional degree is aimed at everyone who wants to develop further in their job in the field of search engine optimization and who want to prove their expert know-how by passing the exam.

These include freelancers, employees of agencies and companies who are facing the digitization of our economy and optimizing their pages for Google.

Example certificate & badge:


How extensive is the examination for the acquisition of the certificate?

The exam contains 30 multiple-choice questions.

How much time do you have for the exam?

You have 45 minutes for the exam. The exam cannot be paused.

How many questions do you have to answer correctly to pass?

In the exam, you must have answered 70% of the questions correctly.

Can you pass the exam with the online course without much additional effort?

Extensive preparation is recommended for the exam. A successful exam is possible with the help of the SEO course and preparation based on the training questions. The practical application is also helpful.

What type of question does the exam include?

The exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. There are no open questions.

How long do I have time to prepare?

After purchasing our packages, you will have 12 months access to the video course, training questions and the exam. You can repeat the exam three times.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Yes, you have a total of 3 attempts to pass the exam.