Who is the god Ao




  • The over god
  • The one in hiding

Sphere of influence

Ao (pronounced ay-oh) stands outside the power struggles of all other gods of Faerun. He is the calm and distant super-creature, so to speak the god father Toril. He is responsible for creating the first gods and maintaining balance. In contrast to the other gods, there is no known plane over which Ao rules in particular. It is also not known whether he created Toril and its cosmology, or whether they arose through the interactions of the other gods.

History [edit | Edit source]

Until the Time of Sorrows, he was completely unknown to the residents of Toril. Only when he punished the gods and forced them to walk the world as mortal avatars, because many of them evaded their responsibility, did one learn of his existence.

Adoration [edit | Edit source]

There is no cult of Ao, nor does he answer mortal prayers, and it has not been heard from him since the end of the Time of Sorrows. However, if you consider his power over all other gods, he is probably something like the god of gods. No creature can be raised to God without his approval. He has absolute power over the Pantheon Torils. He can banish, demote, exalt or even destroy the gods. He is completely invulnerable to any kind of attack. Not even a concentrated effort by all the gods would harm him.

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