How do nomads live


Some nomads like the San Bushmen in Botswana are hunters and gatherers. These two are just starting a fire.

Nomads are people who do not live in a fixed place. Their way of life is to move from area to area. They say: you are not settled. Some nomads keep cattle and wander with their herds where there is fresh grass. Other nomads are workers or artisans and always look for accommodation where they are needed.

Sometimes it is said of whole peoples that they are nomads. But this is not always entirely true: some people from these peoples live as nomads, others do not. The Roma are sometimes called "traveling people". In fact, some Roma move from place to place with caravans, but many also live in houses in cities. Conversely, of course, not all “travelers” are also Roma.

Many nomads live in tents and take everything they own with them. This often does not always fit in with modern life: it is difficult for children of nomads to go to school. In addition, many people distrust nomads. The nomads often come from other countries and have their own rules and culture.

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