Which radio station is BTS playing on

The BR radio station Bayern 3 and its presenter Matthias Matuschik have apologized after massive accusations of racism. Matuschik had a live broadcast named after his nickname last Wednesday Matuschke - the slightly different evening compared Korean pop band BTS to a virus. "Hopefully there will also be a vaccination against BTS soon".

Apparently Matuschik was angry that the band covered the Coldplay hit "Fix You". "Unplugged in a boy band, that's a paradox in itself," said the moderator. In this context he also referred to the artists as "little pissers". Afterwards Matuschik claimed: "You can't accuse me of xenophobia just because this boy band from South Korea ... I have a car from South Korea. I have the coolest car ever."

The hashtag # Bayern3Racist is trending internationally on Twitter

Bayern 3 then received massive complaints, as the broadcaster reports. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, organizations such as "Korientation" (a "network for German-Asian perspectives") have reported a sharp increase in racist acts of violence against people perceived as Asian in Germany and around the world. The hashtag # Bayern3Racist is trending internationally on Twitter. By Friday noon, more than 1.3 million tweets had already been sent with the hashtag.

Bayern 3 wrote on Friday on its website: "We apologize in all form for the remarks made by presenter Matthias Matuschik on his live broadcast." It is not acceptable what words he used to express himself. "And both he and we at Bayern 3 know that it is not enough if you actually mean things differently. If statements are perceived by many people as offensive or racist, then they were too." Such mistakes should not happen in the future, it says in the statement.

"I made a big mistake that I will learn from"

However, the station "needs to make it clear that Matthias is miles away from racist views". Bayern 3 also expressly and resolutely distance itself from any form of racism, exclusion and discrimination. The moderator and his family are now massively threatened, it is said. "With all our understanding for the outrage, we ask that the discussion remain on a substantive level."

Matthias Matuschik also commented on the Bayern 3 website on Friday. He was "very upset" by the reactions to his comments. "I am very sorry and I would like to sincerely apologize."

He was annoyed that BTS covered "the song" Fix you ", which I really appreciate. "The nationality of the seven boys shouldn't matter - mentioning them and making the connection with a virus was completely wrong." After he had "given a lot of thought in the past few hours", he understood that he could have insulted many listeners and especially the Asian community "with my words in a racist way". But that was never his intention. "I made a big mistake that I'll learn from. I am really sorry."

Bayern 3 initially presented itself to Matuschik in an official statement: "It is the character of this program and also of the presenter to express his opinion clearly, openly and without make-up. In this case he is trying to express his opinion ironically and exaggerated to portray it with exaggerated excitement, overshot the choice of words and hurt the feelings of BTS fans. "

When asked what consequences the statements will have for Matuschik, a spokeswoman said: "It is not yet clear whether there will be consequences and which ones. In a first step, a very serious conversation was held with Mr. Matuschik, others will follow."