Can still surpass Gohan Goku

"Dragon Ball Super": That's why Vegeta surpasses Son Goku again after years

Son Goku does not seem to be able to defeat the villain Moro in "Dragon Ball Super". Now his former arch rival Vegeta comes to his aid.

The question of which of the two Saiyajins is the strongest has been asked in the “Dragon Ball” universe for a long time. Although Son Goku usually hunted down all the villains himself, Vegeta was only able to show, depending on the situation, that he can theoretically take on Son Goku. Now the tables could finally turn, because Vegeta has discovered a new technique in the latest chapter of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, which could give him the decisive advantage, as Comicbook reports.

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In "Dragon Ball Super" the planet eater Moro pushes our heroes to the limit. Son Goku, despite being transformed into Ultra Instinct form, was unable to defeat the villain who wants to wipe out the earth. Meanwhile, Vegeta trained on the planet Yardrat and learned a secret technique that Moro could defeat.

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This is Vegeta's secret technique

When Vegeta went to earth to ultimately stop planet-eater Moro, the Saiyan prince revealed his secret technique, which is called "Forced Spirit Fission". This weakens the opponent instead of making you stronger. Vegeta is now able to remove absorbed or fusion power from the current host. A big setback for Moro. The magician receives his powers namely by absorbing the energy of planets and the peoples living on them. With Vegeta's technology, the supposedly extinguished planets can be restored, but mostly without their inhabitants. This was possible for the people of Neu-Namek because the planet has its own Dragon Balls.

Strictly speaking, Vegeta is no stronger than Son Goku, but the Saiyan now has a strong ability that can make all the difference. The Moro saga is currently not available as an anime series. In 2019, the "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" film was released in Germany and was able to convince at box offices worldwide. A continuation should already be planned.

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