How do you secure doors

Secure doors against break-in

Retrofitting old doors

Old house and apartment doors usually offer little protection against burglars. However, they can be retrofitted. It is important that the retrofitting for door leaves, door frames, door hinges, door locks, fittings, striking plates and also additional security measures are sensibly coordinated with one another.

Burglary protection with peepholes and door cameras

Burglary protection also means that you, the homeowner or tenant, know whether someone is at the door and, if so, who is. Peepholes and door cameras allow you to see outside the door, although digital peepholes are preferable to classic models because they do not reveal your presence or absence. Instead of a peephole, a camera transmits the processes from the outside to a small LCD screen on the inside of the door. So it can no longer be determined from the outside whether someone is inside.

Entire door communication systems are often installed in newer buildings, which transmit an electronic image from the outside to the inside, allow voice communication and - in the case of house entrances - allow the door to be opened.

Get advice

The respective measures to increase security against burglary also depend on the local circumstances and budget. It is recommended to install doors of resistance class RC2 (formerly WK2), possibly also RC3. In the case of new buildings, burglar protection should be included in the planning phase as far as possible. Contact your architect or the police experts for this.