Is it bad to volunteer abroad?

Voluntary social year (FSJ) abroad

Vendors / Organizations

There are various organizations that offer an FSJ abroad. The important thing is: The carrier (provider) must have its headquarters in Germany and be approved as a carrier here. Your service abroad must also be designed as a full-time activity.

You can find addresses and contact points of the federal states here.

Costs / financing

As an FSJ student, you are responsible for your own arrival and departure. Originally, the additional costs for accommodation, meals and visas were fully borne by the provider (provider).

That changed, however, when state funding for the FSJ was cut. This is why the organizations today generally expect the volunteers to contribute financially or to bear the costs themselves as far as possible. For this purpose, it is advisable to set up a so-called donor group: You are looking for supporters (friends, relatives, acquaintances) who can support you financially. In return, you share your experiences with you and inform them about the country and its people.

The benefits that you receive during your assignment abroad include a foreign health and accident insurance as well as monthly pocket money. The payment of the ongoing statutory insurance in Germany (health, pension, nursing care and unemployment insurance) is also ensured.