Will professional wrestling ever cease to exist?

Wrestler Ryback reveals how dirty it is behind the scenes at WWE

The whole story also has a little twist: When CM Punk retired from the wrestling business and was then interviewed for a podcast by his buddy Colt Cabana, he accused Ryback of wrestling improperly. At the same time, he also claimed that the giant had broken several ribs with one kick. The whole thing was rounded off with a hint that Ryback would probably take steroids. Since then, there has been unofficially thick air between the two athletes. Since CM Punk hardly expresses himself on the subject of wrestling, this dispute comes more from Ryback's side.

Munchies: Eat like a Mexican Luchador

Somehow it seems quite ironic that CM Punk and Ryback - who should be on the same side because of their anger at their tyrannical (ex) boss - are at odds with each other. Unfortunately, they fit perfectly into the long and stubborn relationship between the wrestling business and its protagonists, which seems like a cross-generational "rule and divide" spectacle in which the powerful get a lot of money, the management promotes minor disputes and those who do To question the status quo, to be relegated to insignificance very quickly. If that is ever to change, the wrestlers have to follow Ryback's example and simply speak more plainly. The more we learn about the bizarre and unfair framework of the wrestling world, the easier it is to understand the anger of the athletes and to get at least a little angry yourself.

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