How do I start drug marketing

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@My dear lovely Rita: What should I say? I am absolutely the wrong person to do something about this as I am an entrepreneur with lots of good ideas; But the new sex school for erotic providers has to be started and built up by someone who (from the other side from my point of view ...) has basic practical experience in the trade - (and that from my point of view) only one (experienced and successful) Erotic-Entrepreneur-IN do. So - this you, who in addition to all the entrepreneurial qualities, the corresponding finances, the certain commercial ethics and the joy of the job (!) Also has horizontal industry experience. Connections are also required within and outside the industry. (Topics for the courses would be things like: How legal basics, contraception, AIDS, STD, behavior towards violent clients, protection of personality, drugs, marketing, demolition of third parties, cooperation with the moral police, languages, Internet, email ... etc.) The The person who builds up this school should ideally also have the recognition and support of the big chains (e.g. HL, CL etc.), otherwise they will fail in the first round ... terrific. The only ones who would benefit in such a case would be our media friends, who are always on the lookout for new materials from the red cloth ... (see facts call here in ST!).
And the other side: Without polemics: Perhaps it would also be a good idea to offer us men in this new erotic institute an extension course on the subject of sex, eroticism, etc. What do our erotic goddesses love, how do I behave towards my “service provider”, tips for the inhibited, no-no's, erotic etiquette, so to speak, etc. Not necessary? But when I read certain postings here, there is a lack of decency, respect for one of the toughest jobs there is for a woman.
And one more thing: You need a practical and theoretical final exam, a recognized specialist diploma (such a BIGA recognition as a sex worker would also require the state, regarding AHV, insurance cover, etc. That brings us to the next topic: Quality! Studios and providers with a diploma / recognition would be the challenge to rip-off, mediocrity, and all the things that we treat here in a negative sense Would have missed life that I wouldn't want to miss. Oldboy-who-is-excited-is-who-from-the-Zurich * -Erotic-Queens-continues-the-idea ... (* sorry, but where else ...?)
P.S. And another idea: If two or more sex experts would build the whole thing together as a team?