Why are elevators and elevators too expensive

Elevator costs: You have to plan these prices for an elevator

The number of people who join one Passenger elevator want to have a single-family home built is increasing. A lift offers many advantages and makes everyday life easier - especially with increasing age. The elevator can also be retrofitted and therefore for more freedom of movement and comfort to care. Due to the strong demand, the prices for passenger elevators are already falling in some cases. This is especially true for small elevators. The cost of passenger elevators depends on a number of factors.

Have the greatest influence on the price of the purchase the technical equipment and the funding amount. But you shouldn't forget that the lift leads to regular expenses even when it is in operation. It is generally worthwhile to compare the offers from the various manufacturers. The various companies have huge differences in terms of costs. If you are toying with the idea of ​​having a lift installed in your family home, you will find out everything you need to know about the costs for the Installation and operation should know.

Examples of costs - what prices should you expect for an elevator?

Not only the provider influences the costs, also those Number of floors (Head) and the size play an important role. You can expect costs of 15,000 to 20,000 euros for a passenger elevator in the lower price segment that is supposed to transport a person over one floor. If the same elevator is to climb up to three floors, the prices are between 40,000 and 60,000 euros.

Type of elevatorcosts
Elevator over one floor15,000 - 20,000 euros
Passenger elevator over three floors40,000 - 60,000 euros

This information does not yet include the renovation work and the static reports.

There are almost no upper limits for the prices of elevators. The costs take away increasing load capacity and head enormously and not infrequently exceed the 50,000 euro limit. The price example below shows you the costs you should expect for a common outdoor elevator with hydraulic drive if the elevator passes through two stops and has the following properties:

positionFeature / cost
Type of elevatorOutside elevator
drivehydraulic drive
Delivery head12 meters
Elevator shafton the outer facade
Load capacity3 people or wheelchair users + accompanying person
Total costs including assemblyapprox. 40,000 euros

It is important that you do not save in the wrong place. Get it free offers from several manufacturers to find a lift that suits you both technically and financially.

How expensive are elevators and elevators?

Several manufacturers offer many different passenger lifts on the market. There are big differences in terms of the individual elevators Area of ​​application and properties. Accordingly, the prices and costs that arise for having a passenger elevator built into a family home also differ enormously. The key to saving money is to compare the lift offers from different manufacturers. Every elevator provider offers its customers different elevators, depending on the material, the renovation situation, technical data and size in relation to their Price vary a lot can.

It is therefore not possible to give a generalized indication of how expensive the lift will be, using the price per square meter of cabin space or the price per stopping point. The individual demands an elevator are just too different. In addition, the prices can climb enormously in the case of special requests or structural features. Therefore, if you want an expensive elevator with a large lifting height or high load capacity, it is worthwhile to buy several Financing and funding opportunities to weigh up.

Elevator price - how is it made up?

The question of how much an elevator will cost in a specific case can only be one Professional answer. To do this, he first has to carefully examine the installation location in the single-family home. He determines which one Remodeling are required for the elevator and which passenger elevators are actually possible. All in all, the following criteria in particular influence the construction method and thus also the costs that you have to calculate for the passenger elevator:

  • Exact type of elevator (model, technical characteristics, manufacturer, optics)
  • Cabin dimensions
  • Place of installation - the passenger elevator is easier to install outside, which is why outdoor elevators often have lower costs
  • Funding height and number of stops
  • Load capacity
  • Driving speed
  • An important role for the costs also plays whether the passenger elevator barrier-free should be. Then it would have to have special equipment. Last but not least, it is important how many and which modifications are required for the passenger elevator. The more that has to be rebuilt, the more expensive the elevator will ultimately be.

    Additional costs - These fees must be factored in

    First and foremost, you will choose that acquisition cost interested in buying a passenger elevator. In addition, though, you should remember that the elevator is too Follow-up costs caused by repair, electricity and maintenance.

    Depending on which type of passenger elevator you choose, you have to reckon with ancillary costs of 2,000 to 6,000 euros per year.

    Before deciding on a particular passenger elevator, you should therefore also take a close look at the Energy costs throw. If the lift is used regularly, the power consumption has a decisive influence on the costs. Pay attention to the energy consumption when buying in order to save five-digit amounts over the years. In order for your elevator to remain functional for a long time, there is one regular maintenance essential. Every two years it is also necessary to lift the technical Audit services like having the TÜV checked for its safety and functionality.

    Financing the elevator - are there any funding opportunities?

    It is far from cheap to buy a new elevator. Therefore, you should find out about the Funding opportunities to inform.

    There are subsidies, for example, if you convert the living space to make it accessible for the disabled, as this also includes stepless access to all parts of the building.

    Grants and soft loans are possible in this case to buy a passenger elevator. Those with a care level can receive grants of up to 4,000 euros from the care insurance.

    Before installing an elevator - it is worth comparing several providers

    One thing is certain: before you choose an elevator, you should absolutely several offers compare. This is possible free of charge and helps you to have a better overview of the costs and prices for passenger elevators and their installation and thus ultimately save money. Get quotes from at least three companies to get a good impression.

    Buying used elevators and saving money - a good idea?

    You can also save money by signing up for one used elevator decide. Then savings of up to 50 percent are possible. However, you should exercise caution when buying a used elevator: used elevators can also involve risks. You should check these carefully before purchasing. It is important, for example, that the elevator is with your property compatible have to be.


    If you want to install an elevator in your family home, you should inform yourself in advance about the costs that can arise for it, because these should not be underestimated. Passenger elevators are available with many different properties, whereby they differ in particular in their load-bearing capacity, the delivery height and the travel speed. It is important that you compare several offers with one another before you decide on a particular passenger elevator, because this way you can be sure that you are one suitable model Find.

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