How can I code in Android

So everyone can code their own car

Be Coding the car yourself is a dream that many car lovers have but never really realize and then fall back on professional help at a workshop. Today we show you how you can easily do yours Can code the car yourself - without being a mechanic.

So how can I code my car myself? An OBD port with W-LAN or Bluetooth is primarily required for this. These usually cost several hundred euros. Diagnostic software is also required, which enables access to the car's control units. In the next step, changes to the settings and functions can be made using apps such as Carly. The Carly app comes with an adapter and app and is available for 100 to have. Now functions can also be activated that were not available as standard by the manufacturer.

In this post, however, we will explain to you about other blatant functions that you definitely have to use. We'll also show you how to do it for sure be on the move with the apps and make your car even more your car. And of course which mistakes you should absolutely avoid!

Which functions can I change and activate by coding on my car?

Often the most blatant functions and the most practical settings have not been activated by the manufacturer of your car. This can include be based on your location. But that is by no means a reason to go to the workshop and “give” money to the mechanic. With the help of Apps how Carly, functions are very easy encode or activate. As long as you are technically not a complete beginner, you will easily find cool features on yours Auto code can.

Carly provides many coding options to make your car more yours.


  • Deactivating the automatic start-stop function:
  • Change of the vehicle optics by adjusting the daytime running lights
  • Display of speed on a digital speedometer
  • Activation of seat belt warnings
  • Folding in the side mirrors when locking the car

You can easily start coding after you have installed your adapter in the car and connected to the app. The Control units are displayed clearly on the app so there should be no problem getting the coding done properly.

But Carly offers a lot more than just that Coding options.

What other options does Carly offer?

Apart from the variety of coding options that are available, there are many other options in the Carly app. These applications are time-saving, money-saving and simply practical. Carly replaces a lot of hand movements with a few clicks on the smartphone.

But, what other options does Carly offer?


Through the diagnosis of Carly, the most important can be Vehicle systems and data of a car analyzed and evaluated become. Subsequently, Carly draws up a list of error codes from which the cause and location of the problem can be determined very easily. The insight into the condition of the car is essential, in order to ultimately also, with the help of Carly, die Fix system errors.

On the one hand, the diagnosis can save a lot of money; because the expensive mechanic can in no way be compared with the speed of Carly. The system therefore definitely pays off in the long term. However, it must be noted that the way to the workshop can pay off if there are major problems in the program;

Therefore: Well thought out, save in the right places!

In any case, troubleshooting should be used, as unnecessary trips to the workshop can be avoided.

Anyone who can afford an expensive car should therefore under no circumstances do without an effective diagnostic system.

The used car check

Which used car buyer doesn't know it? You can never really see through the seller and you are not sure whether you are being kidnapped.

Especially inexperienced people often fall into the trap!

But how can the Carly used car check help us in this situation?

The used car check makes it very easy to determine the actual mileage of a car and compare it with the alleged one. Many used car dealers and private individuals manipulate the mileage of the car in order to be able to set the price more expensive. The Carly used car check compares, among other things, the year of construction with the annual kilometers traveled.

Buying a car with the wrong mileage can cost up to € 5000 more.

Furthermore, mechanical problems can be recognized or uncovered at an early stage through the used car check.

In addition, the check can also be used sensibly by the seller.

Often you get into the situation that the buyer is suspicious of you and is constantly trying to lower the price. Carly builds transparency and contributes to a profitable business.

The maintenance function

Anyone who has a modern car cannot ignore ways to the workshop to update the system or the battery. Carly offers Maintenance functions that significantly save unnecessary trips to the workshop.


  • The service reset:
    • With this, for example, an oil change can be carried out and tracked; Carly thus shows when the next oil change should take place.
  • The battery reset:
    • The expensive batteries that are usually installed by the manufacturer are usually offered by trusted mechanics. With Carly you can choose and install your own, cheaper battery; that saves costs!
  • Checking the diesel particulate filter:
    • This preventive measure checks values ​​such as engine speed, ash mass, etc. If necessary, these errors can be rectified. In the event of complications, however, it is necessary to visit the workshop immediately; therefore the following applies: Better to check too often than too seldom!

What should you watch out for when coding yourself?

The attitude of manufacturers towards independent coding is fundamentally negative. Of course, the manufacturers are missing out on money, but that is by no means a reason to stay away from coding!

But it can be said in general terms:

Coding is getting on own risk and costs carried out, so can no legal liability from the manufacturer or Third party be taken over.

In addition, changes in individual cases can lead to complications in the sale of the car; However, this should not be a problem if the changed settings are announced in detail.

Furthermore, it should be noted here that the manufacturer's guarantee for so-called "Broken coding" can no longer grasp. Furthermore, codings must not be in harmony with the Road traffic regulations and the Traffic law overlap. This could happen, for example, with the brightness of the lights or the installation of a non-compliant battery.

This is exactly why investing in a professional program necessary.

Here the advantagesthat Carly brings with her:

  • Carly is a recognized coding app and is allowed by many car brands. This means that the guarantee on your car is not void, even if you have coded it with Carly.
  • As long as you follow Carly's instructions, you shouldn't run the risk of "breaking" something. The software and installation are simple and clear.
  • The backup function: Carly offers the possibility to reset changed settings and codings made, ie to reset them; this will reset the system to the original settings. Reason: A backup is made before coding.
  • Carly shows you which changes to your car are possible at all. This makes sense because it can avoid complications later.
  • Carly also conducts a test of the “Firmware” by.
  • This is used for perfect coding. Despite this, Carly appeals not to do too much coding at the same time, otherwise problems with the firmware can arise.
  • In addition, the website of Carly is a lot of information and a comprehensive one FAQ refer to.

How much does it cost to code your car yourself?

First of all, it must be said that coding on your own, as long as you don't do anything wrong, definitely cheaper is, as changes to the car, to have to be commissioned in the workshop. Only a few are for the use of Carly Purchases necessaryto take full advantage of the program.

These include:

  • The Carly OBD adapter: This is absolutely necessary. It can be in IOS (W-LAN) or Android (Bluetooth) version, or in the universal version. These vary in price depending on the car brand, but can be purchased in the official Carly shop from € 59.99.
  • In addition, the Carly software must be purchased, which licenses the use of the app. Here again, a distinction is made between Android and IOS. The license can be purchased annually via the Carly app in the Appstore or Playstore can be acquired. The costs for this again differ from manufacturer to manufacturer:

From 19,99€ for Toyota, up to the complete package for 73,99€.

Useful tips for self-coding

Better to invest too much than incorrectly! Even if 100 € + may seem like a lot for some, this investment pays off in the long term. Carly can save a lot of money and time through preventive measures.

At the right time to the mechanic! Of course, programs like Carly cannot fix all errors and sometimes nothing leads to the way to the mechanic.

Therefore: Use Carly, but in the event of serious problems, go to the workshop immediately!

Follow the instructions in the APP! Carly gives you precise instructions so you can't go wrong. However, complications can always arise. That is why we always recommend thinking about the next step and the course of action.

Education is the key! As in most stages of life, education is the key to success. You don't have to be a software engineer or car mechanic to code your car cool, but you should be one basic expertise Bring your own car with you and be familiar with certain terms. With this knowledge, you can make even more blatant changes to your car than expected!

Use the right system! For Carly, the diversity of the system speaks on the one hand, but also the customer service and the extensive FAQ. Coding with the Carly app is also cheaper than teaching yourself to code. In this case, the costs for the adapter, the readout device, etc. also arise and you have to teach yourself everything with time-consuming research.