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Tombouktou's Azawakh: The Q-Litter

photo by Bilal Khan 20 months Austrian Federal Winner 2016, Austrian Youth Champion, OEKWZR Youth Winner 2016, ÖKWZR Youth Club Winner 2016,


a very young male - but has already achieved great success. Bilal Khan presents him wonderfully at the exhibitions and the male shows them

Negotiations CGH stall, new opportunities open up in the north of Pakistan - e.V.

I am currently trying to have a constructive conversation with Dr. Bilal Khan, which was very difficult due to the lack of response

Irish Wolfhound Breed Association - News 2019

09/25/19 - In training to become a special breeding judge for Irish Wolfhounds Mr. Bilal Khan 09/15/19 - Results & pictures of the exhibition in Stuhr 09/14/19 -

Meeting Karachi, 09/26/2016 - e.V. and Dr. Bilal Khan as representative of the Creek General Hospital (CGH) (teaching hospital of the UMDC) Fig.1: Main building of the Creek General Hospital in Korangi

General archive - page 4 of 4 - e.V.

back on track after contacting Dr. Bilal Khan was no longer there. He wrote to me in a whatsapp message that he had two dentals

Breed Association for Irish Wolfhounds - 01/20/19 CAC Münster

Bilal Khan (ring writer & candidate), Stefan Boieck (candidate), Joachim Bartusch (judge), Markus Langer (ring writer & candidate), Niklas Klug

Meeting Karachi, 09/26/2016 - e.V.

Establishment, received and to meet with the clinic director Dr. Bilal Faiz Khan, whom we met during our first conversation on April 20, 2016