Are Trump supporters also Putin supporters

Donald Trump: Trump voters consider Russia affair to be "fake news"

Did Russia interfere in the US election campaign? For Donald Trump's supporters, the answer is overwhelmingly no: a survey by the institute Public Policy Polling According to (PDF), 72 percent of the Trump voters surveyed state that reports of his campaign team's Russia affair are fake news. Only 14 percent of its supporters believe the information is accurate.

According to the results, less than half of Trump supporters (45 percent) believe that Donald Trump's son met with a Russian lawyer who promised him compromising information about his challenger Hillary Clinton. 32 percent of Trump supporters are even sure that the meeting did not take place. 24 percent still doubt whether there was a meeting. Both the US President and his son confirmed the meeting.

A total of 836 registered voters were interviewed for the survey from July 15 to 17. The institute is close to the Democrats.

A poll by ABC television and the newspaper Washington Post comes to a similar conclusion: According to this, only nine percent of Republicans said at the beginning of July that they believed that Russia had influenced the election. This value had halved compared to April - even though new questions about the Russia affair have been raised, especially in the past few weeks. They refer to Trump Juniors' meeting with Russian contacts, but also to contacts between Trump's son-in-law and Russian sources, as well as Trump's dismissal of CIA chief James Comey, who had investigated Russia's possible interference in the presidential election campaign.

The poll also showed that Trump was losing popularity as president. Only 36 percent of voters approve of his administration, at the same time the proportion of those who reject his course rose from 53 percent to 58 percent.

Not everyone likes his tweets

Another survey by Wall Street Journal / NBC News shows that people in the 16 US states in which Trump was elected by a majority view the work of the president more positively than elsewhere.

More than half of the people who live in these states approve of his tough reaction to North Korea and the US military operations in Syria, as well as the announcement that they want to take more care of American workers.

But not every act of the US president is praised in the 16 states: Only every third resident of a US state with a well-disposed population approves of his decision to fire the secret service director. Two thirds of the respondents also reject plans to abolish the Obama Care healthcare reform. Trump's behavior on Twitter is only approved by 24 percent of the population in a so-called "Trump state".

The survey surveyed residents of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Trump won the majority in these states. Not all respondents were necessarily voters for the US president.