How do I get a pension

Pension calculator: how much money do I get in old age?

In order to calculate their individual pension, users have to enter their year of birth, their net income and private pension entitlements they have already earned using sliders. Salary increases and inflation can also be taken into account in the calculation. Via the “Settings” button, users can also enter directly how many earnings points they have on their personal pension account. You can also determine with which contribution assessment limit the pension calculator should operate (east / west). The users can click whether they work in the new or the old federal states. If the users move the start of retirement forwards, the deductions are calculated on the statutory pension. The monthly pension is then recalculated. The start of retirement is preset to 67 years, but can be individually adjusted by the user.

After these entries, the calculator shows how much pension each user will have total monthly available. Be it from the state pension insurance, a private pension (Riester pension / Rürup pension) or a company pension scheme ("company pension"). At the same time, the user sees his pension gap. The tool calculates the pensions net. Before doing this, the calculator converts the net income into gross for the internal calculation in order to be able to calculate the entitlements in the statutory pension insurance.

The standard desired pension is at a pension level of 80 percent of the current net income, as certain expenses in old age (e.g. saving for the pension) are omitted. The desired pension of EUR 1,600 can also be varied in the range from the amount of the statutory pension to the current income. If the user increases their desired pension using the slider, their pension gap automatically increases. The pension expenditure is then simulated on the basis of statistically determined basic data. The aim is to give the user a feeling of the monthly pension contribution with which he can close his pension gap. Finally, users can download the individual pension calculation as a PDF file.

The pension calculator is mathematically tested, optimized for mobile devices and common browsers and is updated annually. The online calculator determines net amounts - both for income and for retirement pension.

The tool is primarily aimed at consumers between the ages of 18 and 45. Ideally, the user can be supported by a consultant in order to then specifically plan their retirement provision.