Which is worse breadcrumbs or ghosting

Nasty hanging technique: breadcrumbing is the name of the new scam in dating

Breadcrumbing is the newest phenomenon in the dating jungle. Or more precisely: The new nasty scam. Because the "breadcrumbs", as breadcrumb is translated, are thrown to us by our dating partner. Just enough to starve to death on the long arm. It used to be called "keeping warm".

The whole thing works like this: You meet, have dates, think something could come of it and then the other disappears, never to be seen again. And at some point, after a break, he suddenly answers again.

So "report" is perhaps saying too much. He 'likes' your pictures on Facebook, leaves a comment under one of your party photos or sends you a short SMS: "I just passed our favorite bar. Had to think of you". This pseudo-contact or the ejected breadcrumbs are very easy for him to accomplish. The social networks are perfect for luring you back in. And it doesn't even cost him a lot of effort.

Is he coming back to me?

It goes without saying that new hopes are being raised again. You are just a victim of your own desires, because what he does is not a real attempt at advances.

A "like" under a picture is not a contact. It is and remains a breadcrumb that shouldn't be good for anything more than a tired smile. The guy just wants confirmation that you're still there and still hoping for him. Perhaps he is only interested in a little closeness, a one-night stand - but he is certainly not interested in real contact.

Too bad that this sets the 'hope' mechanism in motion every time. And we are only too happy to believe the appearance.

Benching, ghosting, breadcrumbing

The whole thing works differently than with the phenomenon "benching". Here you are put on the back burner after the first meeting. The other person is not sure whether it could work for you, is still dating others and ultimately wants to keep all options open.

And it is also different from "Gosthing", where the partner disappears from now on as if invisible and never answers again. Total loss of contact. In breadcrumbing, on the other hand, you chat and flirt. Everything sounds nice and charming. However, there is often no further meeting. That is not at all in the interest of the breadcrumb shaker.

Nasty breadcrumber or just grumpy contact? This is how you can tell the difference

The classic breadcrumber writes to you on all social networks, but does not meet you again or talk to you on the phone. If you want to nail him to a meeting, he can also cancel spontaneously. It is therefore always non-binding, nice and volatile. But never really tangible.

The reasons can be varied: Be it that his ego is small and he is looking for confirmation. That he's currently solo and needs a bit of thrill or that he's in a relationship and misses flirtation and butterflies. Many a breadcrumber plays the game with several people at the same time and just doesn't want to commit.

That's why breadcrumbing is so bad for us

The problem with this whole thing is that we don't just get hurt and feel bad because we couldn't really win over the man of our dreams. We also can't clean the table and finally be free for a new love. And ultimately you also lose your trust in love. The next man, at least, will have a much harder time winning our trust.

Therefore, do not be satisfied with the crumbs. You want the full, whole big package of love!

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