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Convert running times from KM per hour to minutes per KM

Tempo calculator

How much is 12 km / h in minutes per kilometer? With our tempo calculator you can find it out in a flash. We also explain the formulas

by Stephan Goldmann

Convert runtimes

Below you can find the tempo calculator. You can use it to calculate different scenarios. You can enter the following:

  • only one pace: a speed in km / h can be translated into a time per kilometer or vice versa.
  • a distance and an end time: If you enter a distance and an end time in the pace calculator, it will calculate which speed is required on average in km / h or min / km.
  • Distance and a pace cut (KM / h or min / KM): an end time is calculated here.

The tempo calculator

The above combinations are possible. If there are more than two values ​​at the same time, however, there is an error.

The tempo calculator can of course be used for all distances in triathlon - whether for swimming, cycling or running - but only for one discipline at a time.

And here you can find out how to calculate your theoretical running time for the marathon.

The formula behind the conversion of running times

So that you don't have to rely on the computer alone, we show you the formula behind the conversion from km / h to min / km:

Sec / km = 3600: km / h

You then divide the result by 60. What remains of the multiple of the minutes are the seconds. An example with 25km / h:

3600: 25 = 144 - that's the number of seconds
144: 60 = 2.4 - the number before the decimal point is the minutes
2 × 60 = 120 - we take the whole minutes, multiply them by 60 and subtract that from the previous number of seconds:
144-120 = 24 - these are the seconds that are left.

Result: 25km / h is 2 minutes and 24 seconds per kilometer.

The formula behind the conversion of bike times

When cycling, the average speed in kilometers per hour is usually interesting, in short km / h. When converting min / km to km / h, you also first determine the seconds value: the number of minutes times 60, add the remaining seconds. Then you proceed according to the following formula:

km / h = 3600: sec / km

11 tips that will make you faster without having to run faster.

Quick overview of round times

Finally, a small table that you can use to quickly look up round runtimes:

km / hRunning minutes per km

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13 responses to "Convert running times from KM per hour to minutes per KM"

  1. Hi Stephan,
    you made a small mistake here.

    It says:
    "How to convert min / KM to KM / h:
    KM / h = 3600: sec / KM "

    The appropriate formula for the heading would be:
    KM / h = 60: min / KM


  2. Hello Stefan,

    I have described it a little more precisely, so that it becomes clearer that you should still convert the seconds.

    Best wishes

    Stephan from TriTipps

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for your great tempo calculator online.
    In order to get by without the speed calculator, I ask here about the formula that I need to convert the minutes and seconds worked on a certain distance to km / h?
    Background: My fitniss tracker from fitbit only shows me the minutes (-‘-) and seconds (- “-) of the distance I have run. But I would like to know how fast I ran at "km / h".
    I can see that well with the tempo calculator, but I can't find the formula for it on your website.
    I would be very happy to hear from you - thank you very much 
    Greeting. Gerd K. from Borken

    • Hello,

      It works like this:
      Convert time to seconds, so
      Hours times 3,600 + minutes times 60 + seconds
      Divide the result by the kilometers
      That number into the equation given above:
      KM / h = 3600: sec / KM
      An example:
      Someone ran 13 KM in 1:25:30.
      1×3600 + 25×60 + 30 = 5130
      5130 / 13 = 394,6
      3,600 / 394.6 = 9.12 KM / h

  4. Above it says: "You then divide the result by 60, what remains are the seconds."

    This is of course nonsense. Because the transfer from the decimal to the system of six is ​​unfortunately not that easy. An adjustment would have to be made for the seconds.

    Thanks anyway for the calculator (it does it right)!

    • Maybe put in a misleading way, but not wrong from my point of view. Example: 25KM / h
      According to formula:
      144: 60 = 2.4 (ergo 2 minutes)
      are therefore 2min24sec

      • Apart from the really numerous spelling errors, this is now absurdly wrong.
        Because 140/60 is not 2, but 2.4.

        The whole thing could be calculated more easily (only two steps).

        60 / [speed in km / h] = X

        The integer part of X gives the minutes, the non-integer part of the number is multiplied by 60 to get the seconds.

        So in your example:
        -> 2 minutes
        -> 24 seconds

        Many greetings and have a good walk.

        • I know 144: 60 is not two. The, 4 I wrote correctly yesterday, too, below I correct it. Spelling errors: That's right, I was probably a little hasty.

  5. The conversion of the running time in km / h can be done with the following formula:
    run km / (hh + mm / 60 + ss / 3600)

    The conversion of the km-time (mm: ss) in km / h with the formula:
    60 / (mm + ss / 60)

    The conversion from km / h to the time for one km is a bit more complicated:
    the integer part of the fraction 60 / km / h is the minutes, the decimal part * 60 is the seconds
    Example 9 km / h: 60/9 = 6.67 and 0.67 * 60 = 40.2 the kilometer time therefore 6: 40.2 min / km

  6. Hello, thank you very much for the tempo calculator. It's really cool and helps me a lot because one of my app shows km / h and the other min / km. So I can compare them better.
    Thanks for the formula too. Unfortunately, I don't understand why you can have such a big fuss about a formula, when in the end the same result comes out for both. 😉 I would rather spend this time running than worrying about such peantus. 🙂 Thank you very much, Stephan G., for your efforts.

    • You make it pretty complicated ...
      60 through the existing km / h results in the min / km
      This is because only one value changes. Hour to minute (60).
      Average of 10 km / h
      60 through 10 = 6
      So you need 6 minutes per KM
      Logically it works the other way around.
      You don't need to want to tinker with complicated formulas.
      Have fun running 😉

  7. Why is the converter for calculating the end time no longer available? What a shame!

    • Thanks for the tip, now it should go back to itself.

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