What is a double surface coating


The individual raised access floor panels can either consist of wood-based materials or calcium sulfate-based materials, the height-adjustable supports are usually made of steel, and support head supports are also part of the system. Grid bars for load-bearing and / or sealing functions can also be used. The floor covering is applied to the raised access floor panels. This can be done either in the factory during the manufacture of the raised access floor elements or afterwards on site during the construction project.
Raised floors offer ideal conditions for installations, but can lead to acoustical problems. For this reason, appropriate bulkheads must be taken into account at the planning stage, i.e. raised floors make high demands in advance of installation. This does not only refer to the sound insulation, the dimensional change behavior and the expansion joints. The floor / floor coverings must also be installed / laid in such a way that they can be removed at any time in order to ensure subsequent installations or changes to the installations. As a rule, for these reasons, floor / usable coverings are fixed on raised floors, which also places increased demands on the floor coverings in terms of dimensional stability. Raised floors are specified in the DIN EN 12825 raised floors.

Raised floors can be designed as displacement air floors. With this system, which has proven itself particularly in assembly, meeting and conference rooms, the supply air is guided through special raised floor panels with air outlet slots. This ventilation principle benefits the natural behavior of heated room air. It leads the amount of heat given off by man and machine directly to the ceiling, through which it is returned to the ventilation or air conditioning system. Usually air volumes between 40 - 80 m³ / hm² are required for the ventilation of such rooms. A targeted arrangement of the slotted panels enables the displacement air floor to be adapted to the actual air conditions in the room.

Source: Institute for Floor Construction, Torsten Grotjohann, Overath
Photo credits: Ortloff, Hohenroth (1); Floor Atlas, Quo Vado, Donauwörth 2004 (2)

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