Jack Dawson is still underwater

Have you found Jack (Titanic) yet?

Even if I don't actually answer such questions on principle, I'm in a good mood right now :-)

I don't know how old you are, but you obviously have to realize that a film doesn't depict reality. Apart from the rough plot (sinking of the "Titanic") and some historical characters (like E.J.Smith, Bruce Ismay, Molly Brown etc.) the whole film is made up from cover to cover. This is actually nothing that needs to be mentioned, but your question teaches us better here.

Films are supposed to make money - that is their main purpose. To do this, you choose a target group - with "Titanic" these are primarily girls and women who are into sappy love stories. To do this, you invent corresponding figures (such as Jack Dawson) and build them into the frame story (in this case the "Titanic"). Result: Lots of tearful teenagers, tons of used handkerchiefs and many millions of dollars in the accounts of the producers and rights holders of the film :-)

So: The character "Jack Dawson" is just as real as Darth Vader, Sams or Donald Duck. As a result, she neither died real nor was she found real, because that is not possible at all.

And the now famous tombstone in the "Titanic" cemetery in Nova Scotia, on which J. Dawson stands, unfortunately has no evidential value either - the stoker Joseph Dawson, who went down with the ship in 1912, is buried there.

Everything else is blooming nonsense.

Still have a nice sunday! :-)