What does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud cost

Salesforce modules and prices

The first product is Salesforce's Sales Cloud. As the name suggests, this module is geared towards the sales area. These are available in four variants with very different Salesforce prices; Lightning Essentials is available for 25 euros per user and per month, Lightning Professionals for 75 euros, Lightning Enterprise for 150 euros and Lightning Unlimited for 300 euros per user and per month.

Lightning Essentials is a complete CRM system that can be used by a maximum of five users in a company. For this simple reason and because of the low price, the cheapest package is aimed primarily at small companies with a low budget and low number of employees. The requirements should not be too high here either, but you can upgrade to the next level without any problems.

Lightning Professional is the next higher version of the Sales Cloud just mentioned. Here, too, users receive a complete CRM system, but with a wider range of functions. It is particularly important that Lightning Professional allows an unlimited number of users. The package is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized companies.

Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited, on the other hand, are suitable for large companies with greater demands. Because with both variants, they receive an individually adaptable CRM system with a multitude of functions. Competent support for software development and customization is also offered. With Lightning Unlimited, this support is given in addition to telephone support, primarily through free training. Both versions of the Salesforce Sales Cloud are aimed at large companies with many users and high demands and individualization requirements.

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