Should I say YES to an alliance

The future starts now

he film lasted only 50 seconds and changed everything. During one of the first cinema screenings by the Lumière brothers in 1895, a train pulls into the platform. Much more does not happen - and yet, so goes the legend, some spectators jumped up in shock and rushed out of the hall. The train approaching them looked so real.

Nobody jumps out of their seats in panic on the sales digitization roadshow. On this day in Berlin, the focus is on a much greater change than just viewing habits. There is even a lot of laughter when board members answer the question: "Which digital type are you?" He has nothing to do with Facebook, says ABV board member Jens Grote; but recently in the department store he took out his smartphone and simply ordered the shoe online because the right size was not on the shelf. Joachim Müller, ABV boss, says that he likes to book flights online, but does not want to do without the service of a travel agency when traveling on holiday. With examples like this, the representatives are attuned to the new strategy of Allianz, which reacts to the Internet, which has long determined our everyday life and our buying behavior.

Allianz Now, the motto is well chosen, it's about the here and now. The customer who is on the Internet looking for a shoe, a trip or an insurance policy will ultimately make a decision in a few moments. What used to be a gut decision is now the "Like" button and a new kind of trust in internet retailers, whose promise of effortless wish fulfillment and service can be measured at any time in customer reviews. Interestingly, however, not every customer who surfs the Internet actually wants to do everything online.