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The permanent single phenomenon - why can't I find a partner?

Attractive, intelligent, but nonetheless Permanent single? Then feel like so many others! Currently live in Germany around 16.79 million singles. But when is one actually considered to be Permanent single? And from which establish have many Germans been alone for so long?
Read the 10 most common reasons for eternal single existence, helpful tips like it again with the Partner search can work, and why Online dating agencies especially for Long-term singlesa real opportunity offers.

When do you become a permanent single?

You have been single for almost 2 years and your dream prince is still far and wide in sight? Even if your single existence is already like a felt eternity It may seem, you are far from being a permanent single by definition.
One generally only speaks of this when a person 10 or more years hasn't had a steady relationship for a long time.

Interesting to know: There are also big differences in the nationwide comparison of singles:
Most of the permanent singles live in Bavaria. Here the people are whole on average 6.4 years alone before they find a new partner. Follow this Bremen and Lower Saxony.
Both Saarland and in Saxony-Anhalt however, it works with average 4.6 yearsas fast as possible with the partner search.
In Berlin People can find a new partner quickly, but still live here 36% more singles than anywhere else in Germany.

Why am I a permanent single? - 10 reasons

Why am I still single? Why can't I find a man? Have you often asked yourself that? Of course, the reasons for this can be very different and individual.
Still there is some common causeswhich can be found in most permanent singles:

1. Too high demands

Good looks, humor and sportiness, fond of children, romantic and a good listener. The list of qualities that the future partner must bring seems to be endless for some women.
These dream men let themselves in the reality but usually very difficult to find.
Just lots of attractive people have this problem: Those who have a lot to offer themselves often have higher expectations.

2. The social environment

Do you have a rather small group of friends, only a few colleagues at work and you are not in a sports club either? Many long-term singles is missing very easily the social environment, to meet your dream man.

3. Not in the mood for a relationship

This is the most obvious reason for being a permanent single. You may go on dates, but somehow it never turns out to be anything. Maybe it's because you are only interested in the social conventions Feel compelled to finally have a steady partner at your age, yes You don't really feel like doing it yourself?

4. Permanent single from fear of commitment

Have people with attachment fears fear of Relationships and strong ties.
For them, closeness is not something beautiful, but rather something oppressive. Even if you long for it inside, it often seems to you impossible to really get involved in a committed relationship.

5. Of the "Friendzone" type

Another reason you are never ending single: you are simple too shy and too nice. A good listener and always helpful, but as a Flirt object still never come into question.
The Friendzone phenomenon is widespread and one not only among men common cause for eternal single existence.

6. Feelings for the ex

Every new potential partner is compared with the ex. No man seems to get close to him. As long as you can cling to your old relationship or even still Feelings for your ex you will not be able to get involved in a new relationship.
Finish with the past and open up to the futurebecause Mr. Right is sure to be waiting for you somewhere out there.

8. No dates

You complain that you are still single, but it was over a year ago that you were last?
No wonder! Don't just trust luck or fate! Whoever wants to find his love of life must also actively search for it.

9. Too hasty

In our day and age, everything always has to be done go fast and be effective. It may work that way for many other things in life, but it does love works differently.
On the first date he seems very likeable to you, but the spark hasn't really jumped over. When he asks for a 2nd date, you refuse, you don't want to waste your time on the wrong person.
You have to change something here! If something doesn't seem perfect right away, we often close ourselves off immediately and don't take enough time anymore to really get to know our counterpart.

10. Permanent single because the job comes first

"Success at work, bad luck in love!" It is not for nothing that this is a well-known saying. Many singles are so busy with their job and their career that they simply don't have time for a partner. It is important to set clear priorities here. What is really more important to you in the long term?

6 tips for finding a partner as a permanent single

We humans are just not for that To be alone created. Even if many singles have no problem being alone, most of them want one Partner at your side.

It's a real vicious circle: The longer we are single, the more we start to find ourselves with the situation and come to terms with our relationship status.
The longer we are single, the more difficult it is for us to find a new partner.
With these 6 tips you can break the vicious circle and finally your relationship status permanent single Goodbye say.

1. Formulate your own wishes and demands

Before you go looking for a partner, you should be aware of what exactly you want. Make yourself for example a list of 5 pointsthat are particularly important to you in your new relationship.
With a clearly formulated goal The search is usually much easier in front of your eyes.

2. Learn to love yourself

Nowadays will Self love often equated with selfishness or narcissism. These are two completely different things. Self-love does not mean thinking of oneself as better than the others, but rather Appreciate yourself and to be at peace with yourself.
Even if we often don't want to acknowledge that: Only those who love themselves are also able to love others!

3. Don't be afraid of injury

Breakups can often very painful be. You are hurt, disappointed and your self-esteem also suffers. For fear of these negative experiences, many permanent singles shy away from new relationships.
Sure, there is always the risk of getting hurt when you get involved with another person.
But don't let love have a chance, you miss out on all the good things in a relationship.

Better to learn from your mistakes. Try to find out what the reasons for your breakup and do better in the next relationship!

4. Leave the comfort zone

Of course, as a permanent single you don't have to appeal to every person on the street. But if you are looking for great love, you should rather take your luck into your own handsthan to wait for the dream man to come by himself at some point. Say goodbye to that outdated role cliché, the man must take the first step.

5. Finding a partner as a permanent single: be patient

"Now I've been on 3 dates and my dream man still wasn't there!" It's understandable that one looking for great love Sometime impatient becomes. But if you tense up and try with all your might to find the right person, you will only make it harder for yourself.
Even if it is often difficult: Love takes a lot of patience.
Particularly important: Never forget to have fun. Love is beautiful, and shouldn't be a fight!

6. Don't come to terms with the situation

“Actually, it's not that bad to be alone!” “After all, I don't have to share my food with anyone”. If we are alone for a longer period of time, at some point we will begin to to arrange life with our single.
We make the advantages palatable and forget more and more how nice it can be to live in a committed relationship. A fatal step!

We are human Relationship seeking by nature and not made for permanent living alone.
So do not resign yourself to your relationship status, but question your wishes and thoughts.

Online dating agencies - a chance for Long-term singles

The longer we are single, the more difficult it seems to us to find a new partner.
At work you have a permanent team of employees and you rarely get to know someone new in your circle of friends.

Online dating agencies are because of that a good chance for all long-term singles.
They offer the opportunity to singles outside of the existing circle of acquaintances to get to know.
Online dating is also a good opportunity for long-term singles who are particularly busy at work without much effort to find a new partner.
Through the so-called Matching You will only be offered profiles that match your personality and your wishes and requirements.
Another advantage:Serious dating agencies check your members. So you can be sure that your new partner will do the same interested in a steady relationship is like you.

Conclusion: love is not a one-way street

So now you know that the search for a partner for life is not a one-way street, but can quickly lead to a tricky odyssey with many detours.
And also if you get stuck in a long traffic jam and have the feeling that things are simply not going any further, then always keep in mind: It's not up to you, your personality, or your looks that you haven't found the right partner yet. Most of the time it's just little things, stupid habits that make the search for your dream partner unnecessarily difficult.

Have the courage to give the partner search a new chance.
Leave your past fears and disappointments behind and look to the future in a positive mood.