Do you have a great mother

7 reasons why you do a great job as a mom - even if you don't think so!

Anyone who is (for the first time) a mom knows it for sure: You are constantly questioning yourself and your decisions. Did I do the right thing? Was that okay? Am i a good mother

Don't worry, self-doubt and doubts about the parenting style are quite normal. Especially when the child is in the defiant phase and yells at the whole supermarket because they can't get the chocolate.

But hey, we all have to go through that. Nobody is perfect. But there are some pointers to show you are doing a great job as a mom. Even if it doesn't seem like that to you at the moment!

1. You are the home for your children

Where else are your little ones the favorite children in the world? But at home do you let all your whims out? Even if you don't think so, this can also be a sign that you're doing a great job. Because your children feel good at home. They can be what they really are. All the stress of the day falls away at home.

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2. Your child can get dirty from time to time

Did you feel that you have just dressed your little ones and are there already paint, dirt or leftover food on their clothes? Raven mother. Ok, that was fun. In fact, that only speaks for you.

First, you let your child try it out. It gets to know nature, consistencies and textures.

Second, it actually boosts the immune system. No child should grow up completely sterile.

3. You wake up the child in you

Of course, as a mom, you have to be strict and consistent at times. But sometimes you have to let the nine be straight. Romping around in the living room? Hop on the freshly made beds? Or flood half the bathroom while splashing around? Also perfectly fine. Playing and laughing together not only awakens the child in you, but also strengthens your bond.

Life is exhausting enough. That's why it's absolutely okay if you see it through childish eyes for a few moments and don't take everything so seriously.

4. You offer your child structure

Your child makes a big riot because they don't want to go to bed at 7 p.m.? And mom is stupid because she has to eat at 12 even though she isn't hungry? It is completely normal. Children want to test their limits and like to dance according to their own nose.

Nevertheless, even if they don't know, they need one structured everyday life and rituals. And that's exactly what you offer them. Even if that's why there is gossip!

5. Your child can try things out and take risks

You think you're a bad mother because your child got hurt? Absolutely no way. Children have to learn to take age-appropriate risks. Be it jumping through wild trampolines, climbing trees, jumping from the swing or hanging upside down from the climbing frame - the Taking risks helps your children test their physical and mental abilities and limits.

This will help you develop resilience, judgment and understanding. You have to accept a few ailments here and there for this healthy development.

6. You give your child space and peace

Especially when you are a mom for the first time, you think you have to constantly challenge and encourage your child. And in principle, of course, that's also important. But don't worry, children can get bored from time to time. It doesn't make you a bad mother - on the contrary. Your child learns to deal with themselves and get creative on your own.

7. You like to give the child to grandma, grandpa, aunt, best friend ...

Are you giving away your child? How can you No. Seriously. It's great when you have people in your life who you trust so much that you can safely leave your child with them.

This is not only great because you may also have a little time for yourself or your partner. It's nice for your little ones too. Because children should have several caregivers.

Grandma and Grandpa or even your favorite aunt are often important people in the little worm's life. They can become friends, role models, chaplains and idiot buddies. It's nice if you actively support this bond.