Why did Walt Disney choose Mickey Mouse

Just two years after she began to get involved in party politics, the politician, who was born in Bad Godesberg, moved into the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament in 2001 and was elected parliamentary director after just one electoral term. In 2014 she became Vice President of the State Parliament. “This was made possible in particular by your ability to bring people together,” said Hendrik Hering. This gift has already determined her career choice. Schleicher-Rothmund is a qualified translator for Spanish and Arabic. Hence their openness to other countries and cultures. As a committed Palatinate Protestant Christian, she has always advocated dialogue between the churches and politics. Schleicher-Rothmund would benefit from all of her special characteristics today in her important office of ombudsman and commissioner for the state police.

Favorite character Donald Duck

Another passion of Barbara Schleicher-Rothmund are the characters from Walt Disney. But it is not the successful Mickey Mouse or the stingy Dagobert Duck, but the figure of the struggling but often failing Donald Duck that fascinates Schleicher-Rothmund. “Anyone who counts themselves among the Donaldists knows about people's weaknesses and strengths and knows how to treat them with humor and forbearance,” said Hendrik Hering. This is also a quality that is important for politicians.

Prime Minister Malu Dreyer praised Barbara Schleicher-Rothmund for her great commitment to democracy. “Anyone who knows you knows: What you tackle will also be good. One can rely on you. And you take challenges seriously, you argue clearly and assertively in the matter, but you always keep your humor and the warmth of your heart, ”said Malu Dreyer. Schleicher-Rothmund pulls out all the stops to find a good solution for everyone. As the first woman in the office of the Ombudsman, she sets standards with her work in many ways. "You are in touch with people, you listen, you have a keen sense for cultural differences and possible challenges," said Prime Minister Malu Dreyer. She thanked Barbara Schleicher-Rothmund for her great personal commitment to the citizens of Rhineland-Palatinate and for a strong democracy.