Can mangoes be frozen?

Grapes, avocados, asparagus, citrus and pomegranates are well-known products from Peru. Roberto Falcone, General Manager of Agroindustrias AIB, explains that these are the company's most important products. '' We export our products to five continents. Our top buyers are America and Latin America, which account for 45 percent of sales, followed by Europe and the United States, which account for around 30 to 40 percent. Other continents: Africa, Australia and Asia. ''


Four pillars

The Peruvian company was founded in 1987 and focuses on four pillars: Fresh, Frozen, Canned Foods & Juices and Fresh, Frozen, Canned Products and Juices & Food Ingredients. '' We have an area of ​​3,000 hectares in different areas of Peru, namely in the regions of Chincha, Ica, Chiclayo and Sullana. We produce and trade around 70,000 tons of product annually. We are also the owners of the AJJ company, which focuses exclusively on grapes.

Roberto suggests that they are one of Peru's largest fruit and vegetable suppliers. '' What sets us apart is that we deliver our products in all types and shapes: from fresh to frozen. The variety is also a great advantage because there is always a segment that does less or very well every year. That's why we keep a good balance. Germany, the Netherlands and Poland are major buyers. The UK is also a big buyer. It is noteworthy that the Netherlands has so much demand for passion fruit and mango juice. ''

Frozen Mango
In the coming years, Agroindustrias AIB expects to grow in all segments. '' We think it is important to continue on all pillars. Freshness is growing significantly in Peru, but we see just as many opportunities for frozen and other products. Customers are increasingly seeing the advantage of sliced ​​mangoes that are delivered frozen. These are harvested when ripe and frozen immediately. Because of this, they are perfect. Frozen mango sometimes tastes even better than fresh, as the fresh mangoes have quite a long journey ahead of them and are not harvested when they are ripe. ''


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