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2 Don't read too fast! Some knowledge needs to be enjoyed twice. As Leonardo Sciascia wrote: "Those who completely agree with us are exactly those who disagree with us."

3 The book “Haefs' Wissens-Postille”, wrote Manfred Rieger in the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” on the “Handbook of useless knowledge”, “is the latest craze in our information society, one of those handouts in the television age that give you the feeling also being able to have a say. "In the second manual, the author makes friends with new (or old?) findings:" Polar bears never eat penguins; Fanatics are capable of anything, but nothing else; the goldfish sees the broadest spectrum of colors of all living things; James Joyce was the oldest of 15 children; Serbian vampires are called Wurdalaken; In 1717, Augustus the Strong declared the hamster to be hunted game and put it on the royal menu. "The inclined reader will recognize that this is also an" invaluable compendium, an extremely useful, urgently needed work "(said Thomas Mohr in> The Raven <). The author Hanswilhelm Haefs was born on November 11, 1935 in Berlin and studied in Bonn, Zagreb and Madrid. His travels took him to the USA, Canada, Israel and China, among others. Flaefs founded the German Marco Polo Society and lives today as a translator (among others by Bierce, Chesterton, Huysmans, Kipling, Maupassant, Nabokow), editor and author (> In the long shadow of Tschinggis Chans <,> The song of the Nifl boys < ,> Handbook of useless knowledge <, 1989) in Ramscheid / Eifel.

4 Hanswilhelm Haefs has published in Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag: Handbuch des uslosen Wissens (11138) Original edition October Edition May Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Munich Cover design: Celestino Piatti Overall production: C.H. Beck'sche Buchdruckerei, Nördlingen Printed in Germany ISBN

5 Contents instead of a foreword ... 7 Speaking of the foreword: The story of finding meaning in the search for principles of order in the card box ... 8 I. Of the most secret secrets of nature Speaking of deep-sea bats: The story of the grind head and the beautiful II Peoples, their characteristics, peculiarities, rites, customs and the like. Speaking of Frisians: The story of the Slavic cities founded in Central Germany, once called the GDR III. History as it really was Speaking of Charlemagne: The story> Von der Eyfel

6 Bibliography register instead of an afterword

7 Instead of a foreword Since the "Handbuch des useless knowledge" (dtv 11138, henceforth called HdnW) was approved by a highly honorable audience, I took the pleasure of reading page 177ff. described kaleidoscope to turn one configuration further. So only the subtitle of this new configuration needs to be discussed. My friend Hugo Schrath once explained to the amiable companion on his research trips through Slavic, Magyar and other Balkan landscapes (among which Maghreb is not the least!) In Domazlice / Taus, the pretty capital of the Chods, before Oswald von Wolkenstein lost his eye: “When you say: 'What a beautiful church!' And I answer: 'Speaking of the church - do you actually already know Master Paul zu Leutschau's magnificent main altar?' - then that is a real proposition. But if I say: 'Speaking of church - pikeperch tastes best fried in garlic butter!' - then that's a messy proposition, messy, because the course of association (church - fasting - fasting food - fish - pikeperch) is no longer recognizable. However, the classic non-sequential

8 ture, something of the kind: 'Speaking of the church - I'm hungry'. "No wonder that one day that charming lady got tired of traveling to her private university and gave it up. Speaking of the foreword: the story of finding meaning in the search for principles of order in the slip of paper.First of all, I owe a lot of thanks, namely to those lovely readers of the HdnW who took the trouble to clarify the embarrassed compiler about errors because of their better knowledge , to provide new material based on more extensive knowledge, to request more detailed information in the event of a possible continuation, based on unsatisfied knowledge. Those notes that have been resumed for the purpose of improvement from the earlier HdnW (with the kind approval of the editor and editor, for which we also deserve deep thanks) are marked with a superscript;: "in front of the first letter of the first line. And it is to be hoped that Gravamina as well as wishes were better taken into account this time. And now the usual opening quote: “Even if the builder or bricklayer himself neither produces the stones nor the materials from which he builds the castle or house ... he has nevertheless gathered the materials, assigned to each of them their own place, according to the intention which he seeks to realize.This is exactly what I have done with the materials of which my treatise is composed; it is quite enough for me if I know how to use them in such a way that they reflect the idea that I want to develop, serve and reinforce. "(Christine de Pizan) 1" fairly "here not in the Quaternary mind as like" pretty lousy ", but in the primary V. arose as like "decet" (appropriate, worthy, just, appropriate) used.

9 In view of the wealth of the recent collection of kaleidoscopic elementary particles, it was first necessary to sift the material in a convincing order. In this our republic, of course, nothing was more natural than to orientate oneself to the word order groups of the highly esteemed ancestors of all major handbooks, namely the brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm 1. These are the following 33: 1. A - beer whey, 2. beer murderer - Dwatsch, 3. E - Forsche, 4. Forschel - Follower, 5. Gefoppe - Drift, 6. Grain - Ordinary, 7. Ordinary - Gleve, 8. Glib-ber - Graecist, 9. Greander - Gymnastics, 10. H - Juzen, 11. K - Kyrie, 12. L - Mythical, 13. N - Quurren, 14. R - Crookedness, 15. Crooked one - soul, 16. Sea life - speaking, 17th speaker - standing clock, 18th standing - Stitzig , 19th Stob - Strollen, 10th Strom - Szische, 21st T-Treftig, 22nd Treib-Tz, 23rd U-Umzwingen, 24th Un - Uzvogel, 25th V - Verzwunzen, 26th Vesche - Vulkanisch, 27 W - Wegzwiesel, 28. Weh - Wendunmut, 29. Wenig - Wiking, 30. Wilb - Hyssop, 31. Z - Zmasche, 32. Sable - cypress branch, 33. List of sources. Now it will only be immediately obvious to a representative of our linguistically weaker age to classify such material as it is presented here into those word order groups of the highest spirituality not only appear presumptuous, but fundamentally impossible; with a few exceptions like the 33rd group, which in turn is unable to accommodate everything that could be accommodated. So, with a tiring look, one had to forego any reference to the consoling brothers. Vladimir Nabokov has described another possible principle of order: “Left alone, Cincinnatus got down to the soup and leafed through the catalog at the same time. Its core was carefully and nicely printed; Numerous texts were inserted in the printed texts in red ink and a small but precise handwriting. It was difficult for a non-specialist to make sense of the catalog, since in the further course of the present work the lovely reader, the sympathetic reader p. 63, will come across that apocryphal text, the rediscovery of which we owe to Hugo Schrath, and from which the fairy tale brothers Grimm undoubtedly derived their ingenious word order grouping.

10 the titles were not arranged in alphabetical order, but rather according to their respective page number and indicated how many extra sheets (to avoid duplication) had been glued into this or that book. Cincinnatus therefore searched without a specific goal and chose what happened to be promising to him. "Of course it would have been easy to offer the individual entries of this second reference in a sequence adapted to this principle, for example in order of the number of letters in each note. especially since this second HdnW, like that catalog, is given the access principle of the search without a specific goal. However, the compiler refused to compare notes with the same letter number to avoid duplication through additions, and in addition the compiler and editor could not agree on whether to use the descending or the ascending series of numbers in case of doubt. In view of the double frivolity (= frivolity) inherent in the proposal, neither of them were able to agree with the publisher's suggestion to resolve the question through a duel (= judgment of God). Thus the ingenious idea of ​​the great entomologist Nabokow, a true descendant of the important Linnaeus (see HdnW, p. 181), could not be adopted. The third possibility of order was a procedure that we encountered in the other deepest wisdom well and that I already thought of in the HdnW when describing the paleozoological, historical, social and artistic status of dragons and their hierarchy on page 46: the Chinese order procedure that is here For the sake of simplicity, it will be quoted again from the important encyclopedia of ancient China> Heavenly Treasury of Beneficial Knowledge <(the meaningful title of which cannot be explored deeply enough). There the following order had been developed for the animal world: a) animals belonging to the emperor, b) embalmed animals, c) tamed,

11 d) milk pigs, e) sirens, f) mythical animals, g) stray dogs, h) belonging to this group, i) behaving like madmen, j) uncountable, k) drawn with a very fine brush made of camel hair, 1) and so on, m) who broke the water jug, n) who look like flies from a distance. Now I confess that I broke out in a cold sweat when I tried to impose this extremely illuminating order as a grid on the kaleidoscopic material gathered here. There are many reasons for this, but they can be clearly explained using a single example. At the beginning of his terrible story of the Horla, Guy de Maupassant describes the region as it presented itself to him on this admirable day: At 11 o'clock a long convoy of ships pulled by a tug, the size of a fly, panting with effort and vomited thick smoke, passed my gate. ”Accordingly, this tugboat could definitely be assigned to the above category n). If not, if not in the whole encyclopedia of benevolent knowledge there is not a word about how smugglers are to be viewed as such: as animals or as what? From this it follows, at least according to the highly questionable argumentum e silentio (= silence is also an argument) and Popper's doctrine of falsification ("Look for the one exception and the rule is no more") that apparently Western things are unwilling to accept this Subjugate grid of Chinese wisdom orders. So I had no choice but to entrust myself again to that holy number seven, which has already brought that druid-model order into the HdnW, which has since then been rightly admired in the most distant regions. But now the uncanny thing about magical-mystical accomplishments

12 gen: After I had put the new card boxes into the vibrating sieve of the kaleidoscopic number seven, most of it was docile sorted into the appropriate pots. For quotations, on the other hand, the problem was not how to assign them thematically, but whether, for the sake of intellectual honesty, the source of wisdom should be named everywhere. Fortunately, the ancient Chinese were able to help out here, since an anthology of beautiful quotations with a scientific claim is really the ultimate goal of the present endeavor. In classical Chinese literature it was the case that quotations were deliberately not marked as such, but rather the greater the fame the more skillfully and inconspicuously one understood how to discreetly embed the great old ideas in one's own little work. And the educated readership similarly enjoyed the work of the little master precisely because of this discretion, since he did not withhold the old ideas from them, but knew how to package them in such a way that they could also be considered new, and thus opened up a twofold field of associative joys became: the associations from the old as well as from the new context, and their amalgam. Since it cannot be assumed, in fact the very thought would be almost an insult, that the local readership of the people of poets and thinkers is not already far ahead of the Chinese, who complain for progress, in this field, I have used that method with a clearer conscience . What itzo is to prove.

13 I. Of the most secret secrets of nature »Do we only see a hundred thousandth part of what exists? Take the wind, which is the strongest force of nature, knocks people over, tears down buildings, uproots trees, raises the sea to mountains of water, smashes the cliffs and hurls great ships into the surf, the wind that kills, that whistles, that moans, the roars - have you seen him and can you see him? And yet he exists! "(The monk from Mont St. Michel)" The animal is taught by its organs, man teaches his own and controls them. "(Goethe)" We do not know, we advise ... All is knowledge Presumptive knowledge ... Science is not the possession of knowledge, but the search for the truth ... The process of science should be falsification and not verification; their method speculation instead of presumption. «(Karl Popper)

14 "Birds that hobble through the air are just as poor dogs as worms that fly long under the crust of shit in the stable." (Camilo Jose Cela) "Proof is always something relative. A very strong preponderance of probabilities. And then there is still the question of how impressed these probabilities are. "(Philip Marlowe)" The fact that the sun goes down in the evening does not mean that it will rise again the next day. "(Mathilda Snowden) Da eagles up to When they are 30 years old and, as a single couple, need a territory of 100 to 120 km 2 in which they maintain 3 to 4 eyries, there is no need for a lot of offspring. The female eagle usually hatches 2 cubs, of which the stronger one tends to throw the weaker one out of the nest. There are currently around 300 pairs of eagles living in the Alps. Workers from the family of the harvest ant Pogonomyrex barbatus avoid any contact with workers from neighboring peoples in order not to waste their energies in useless border disputes, but do not pay any attention to foreign ants, as these can only be those that have got lost and now looking for the way home. The Amazon rainforests (still) represent about V 3 of the total forest area on earth. The Amazon river system carries around V 6 of all river water on earth. The total forest area of ​​the Amazon rainforests roughly corresponds to the land surface of the United States. Around 50% of all bird species on earth live in them. Babushes are the closest relatives of the slippers. Bathing water swirls clockwise north of the equator and counterclockwise south of the equator into the drain.

15 Bear's garlic (allium ursinum) is the garlic (allium sativum) of the Eifel. Tardigrade are predatory suckers, which are called tardigrade = slow strider in Latin, are up to 1 mm long and can survive an atomic flash (exposure to X-rays measured so far without the slightest impact), as well as temperatures up to C: then they replace the water filling their cells with the body's own glycerine 1; But if the water, their vital element, evaporates completely, then they shrink into a dry sleep in which they only have 500 of their normal oxygen requirement, the only measurable sign of life, and can survive in it for years until new water gives them new life awakened. Bearded owls do not claim their own territory. The wood warbler (live weight 15g) lives on the US Atlantic coast and, as a migratory bird, flies the longest and furthest non-stop flight in terms of time and distance: Columbus discovered the Sargasso Sea from berryweed at an altitude of 6700 m, 3700 km from Mexico. The Beardmore Glacier is 200 km long and 50 km wide and is the largest glacier on earth. At its end it flows with mighty faults into the Ross Ice, a permanent ice sheet 200 to 700 m thick and the size of France. Its end is at 80.5 S and approx. 171 E and is bribed by the "kabatic winds" from the South Pole.The highest point in Belgium is the Botrange in the High Fens / Hautes Fagnes at 694 m. Since most people die in bed, it is advisable to avoid this. 1 A natural role model for the help that Austrian wine producers wanted to give the tramps by means of glycol wine.

16 The aphid researcher Fritz Paul Müller () discovered a new genus and more than 20 species and bequeathed his collection of more than aphid preparations to the University of Rostock. Brachiopods are bivalve armpods that only occur in the egg. Islands of order arise in chaos - but one can neither calculate when or how (and therefore also not why) such self-organizing islands of order arise 1, nor how long the islands remain in such a random order before they reintegrate Dissolve chaos. Conodonts are dentate-shaped structures made of phosphoric acid lime that occur only in Northeast America. The Crauschrecke, endogenous, only lives as long as the Crau. Crinoids are remains of sea lilies that are only found in Europe and North America. The dolphins have the most perfect echo sounder system of all, being able to work out complex audio maps by sending out whole bundles of sharp clicks from their peculiar nasal attachment and picking up the echo with their lower jaw, which serves as a directional ear. Since ultrasound can penetrate bodies such as X-rays, dolphins can "hear" right into the interior of fish and, for example, clearly recognize their swim bladders. The crown of thorns starfish Acanthaster planci with 7 to 23 arms and a diameter of 30 to 40 cm is so named because of the numerous spines on its upper side. The crown of thorns starfish is one of the most poisonous animals: its spines are covered with a glandular tissue that 1 For chaos research in general, see HdnW, p.

Forms 17 highly effective protein toxins; its body tissue has a high concentration of highly toxic saponins. The Crown of Thorns starfish's only enemies are some pufferfish and triggerfish, as well as a small crab, each attacking it from the underside. There is also the large conch snail, which can eat up to 3 crown-of-thorns per week. How puffer fish, triggerfish, small crabs and conchfish cope with the large amounts of highly toxic saponins (= soap-like foaming glucosides) is unknown. In a laboratory in Bonn, specific political material was accidentally combined with treated genes from animals and plants. After the laboratory was blown up by Greenpeace, a number of the creatures escaped to the Eifel and now inhabit a number of connected valleys 1. In the grassy north there is the hamster Crice-tus fragorax dumdum, which is protected from its most dangerous enemies by the smell emitted with a bang The whitefly aconda, the hobble cuckoo or the harelip octopus protects. Nearby lives the creep An-guis fragilis salto salto, which combines the leisurely creep with the overview hoping. Its relative, the yodel worm Vermis ululator fre-neticus, lives more to the east The rental weasel Mustela creditabilis giro lives from sales by first catching a mouse and only letting it run after it has procured two other mice inside is bigger than outside and away from foreign money In your own pocket 1 Only those who happened to pass the crossroads on full moon nights, surrounded by gorse and overshadowed by yew trees, experienced their consolidation and further mutation into independently viable creatures (see, in particular, p. 84 below). 2 It is advisable to also consult p. 207 on the mouse question.

18 nourishes 1. In the same area, weeping willows turn into wandering willows Salix emigrans at the end of their mourning period. Wandering pastures are particularly allergic to the assassin Canis mopsis assassinus, which ekes out its life as an indirect carnivorous vegetarian in the central highlands. The mop finch Fringilla purgatoria, often mistaken for a mop tit, lives in large tribal associations. The rare flap newt Salamandra valvina clic, also called bag olm, lives in wet areas and extends into the metaphysical by way of the newt dumping 2. Polar bears never eat penguins. The cubs of the polar bears from the house of Ursus maritimus have a weight of 600 g at the age of 3 to 4 days and a length of 28 to 32 cm, while the adult animals weigh 320 to 410 kg. Polar bears weighing 1000 kg were encountered in the Siberian Arctic. The ice fish has glycol 3 antifreeze in its colorless blood. 1 Conjectures that closer archaic relationships to the current species of party treasurer would come to light here have not yet been substantiated. 2 With the exception of these remarks, the discoverer who also does the work appropriately named "Joyful Events" (see bibliography on p. 214) has to stand up for the correctness of these remarkable findings. As a resident of the Eifel, however, I cannot help but testify as a long-time Eifel researcher (since 1953) that even stranger things are happening in this north-eastern part of the large and important Ardennat (see above all p. 74ff.) have and are still going to play, as in the other regions of the aforementioned five-part country, which, in view of the positive new developments in Europe, is longingly slumbering towards its reunification within the borders of 800 (all later demarcations were fraudulent political bosses and party treasurers and are therefore irrelevant under democratic circumstances). 3 See p. 15 above.

19 The kingfisher Alcedo atthis is actually called the iron bird after its metallic shimmering plumage. Moose tails never measure more than 10 cm '. The elephant's highest sound is its trumpet sound; the normal conversational voice is in the infrasound range, so it is inaudible to human ears, but carries over many kilometers. For every square centimeter of scar, a vine that has entered into eutypiosis releases about spores every 24 hours, for at least 5 years = about 182.5 billion spores, which further contaminate the soil and especially love to infect vines between 10 and 25 years of age. The butterfly orients itself on the light of the moon and always forms the same angle with its body to the moon. Fanatics are capable of anything, but nothing else. Pteropods are sea snails that have wings like they are putti. Since the stomach lining is thinner in women than in men, it produces less alcohol dehydrogenase, the alcohol-degrading enzyme, so that women of the same weight get 30% more alcohol into their blood than men with the same amount of alcohol. In the case of frogs, the males can only hear the tones that characterize the area, the females only the courtship tones. Tadpoles in the water mainly eat vegetarian food. 1 Severability clause: I also took this amazing statement from one of the books mentioned in the appendix and report it here, without being able to vouch for its accuracy, with the intention of passing on the joy of amazement.

20 Frogs on land are carnivores: insects, spiders, millipedes, earthworms. Functions of quaternional variables: Quaternions represent the simplest hyper-complex numbers next to the complex numbers (composed of real and imaginary numbers of the type a + bi, where a and b are real numbers, i the imaginary unit, the rule of multiplying here is ixi = - 1) that can be imagined to have arisen by merging two systems of complex numbers; In the case of quaternions, it can happen that when two factors are multiplied, different results occur depending on the order of the factors. Fusulins are elaborately built lime shells of single-celled animals that only appear on the American continent. The Galapagos albatross has the most sophisticated courtship ritual of all birds on earth. The flightless Galapagos cormorant is the best diver of all birds. On July 1, 1940, the bridge over Füget Bay near Tacoma in Washington State was opened to traffic. From the very first day she began to swing up and down, which earned her the nickname "Galoping Ger-tie". The traffic over them increased tremendously because one came from far away to be amazed and fooled by their newfangled behavior. On the morning of November 7, 1940, around 7 o'clock, Gerde began to move in waves; At the height of her high spirits, she hit waves that made one end of the bridge 8 1/2 m above the other. Professor F.B. Farquharson of the University of Washington had used models to show that the "galloping Gerde" could not collapse under any circumstances. He left the bridge around 10:30 am. At 11:10 am the bridge collapsed. Only victim besides

21 of the professor's reputation was a curious little dog from a curious journalist 1. The phenomenon that broke the "galloping Gertie" is called "deep stall flutter". The authorities were so convinced of the bridge and Farquharson's expertise that they decided to cancel the insurance policy on November 14, 1940 in order to save the premium. The local insurance agent was just as impressed with the bridge as it was with the predictable behavior of the city administration: he had filled out the insurance policy for US dollars, but put the first premium in his own pocket. During the trial he expressed himself angrily about Gertie, who could have kept for at least one week what the professor had promised: then his prank would never have come to light because of the termination of the policy by the authorities. Generals who die in war have failed their profession. Only two species are left of the prehistoric richness of forms of the giraffes: the forest giraffe or okapi, and the steppe giraffe. Giraffe cows give birth standing up after a gestation period of 14 to 16 months: from a height of more than 2 m, the baby almost always falls to the ground unscathed. The goldfish sees the broadest color spectrum of all living things. The large weather systems are so sensitive that under certain circumstances the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Laos can lead to a hurricane in the Caribbean months later: The 1 The process was filmed, the film is being broadcast more and more frequently as part of programs on chaos research.

22 Weather is not a linear, but a hypersensitive event; Unlike linear events, hypersensitive events cannot be calculated and therefore cannot be predicted: Because within nature, every order is merely a temporary random constant within chaos 1. In contrast to intestinal bacteria, halobacteria cannot tumble. In November 1989, Shivkoff was overthrown in Bulgaria. In January 1990, traffic police exposed two hamsters to car exhaust fumes at a busy intersection in Sofia, from which the hamsters died within 4 hours. The traffic police then joined the opposition group Ökoglasnost. The Teutonic missionary Bonifatius from Wessex () forbade the consumption of rabbit meat after he was appointed legate of the Pope for Germany in 738, since the rabbit's instinctual drive of a Christian is unworthy: a rabbit, still pregnant, can be impregnated again before the litter , and 46% of all rabbits become mothers for the first time in the year of their own birth, on average three times a year. Rammers can catapult themselves from a standing 2 m high and 7 m wide and reach speeds of up to 80 km / h on the run. 530 million years ago, as part of nature experiments with life forms, the Helicoplacus was created, a living being with a blueprint that no living being has today: a spindle-shaped body was encased by a system of armor plates arranged in a spiral. The creature, up to 5 cm long, died out again 510 million years ago. The ermine is not an animal, but the West Germanic diminutive of the Old High German »harmo« = the weasel, and means the white winter fur of the weasel or the incense created from it. 1 For more details, see HdnW, page 181 ff., But also p. 16 above.

23 Heron of Alexandria (around 100 BC) wrote works on mechanics, pneumatics and surveying, described automat theater, a kind of theodolite, an odometer, and developed a.o. Automatic machines and the horizontal pendulum. Samuel Christian Hahnemann (:: "April 10, 1755 in Meißen, t July 2, 1843 in Paris) advocated pure medicinal medicine based on experience, which should be based on tested individual remedies instead of multiple mixtures. He wrote the" Organon der Heilkunst " <, the basis of homeopathy: "In order to heal gently, quickly and permanently, in every case of illness, choose a remedy that can cause a similar disease (homoion pathos) than it is supposed to cure (similia similibus curantur)." Hahnemann called the usual treatment methods allopathy, because in their medicaments mostly opposite symptoms evoke the clinical picture. The healing method of homeopathy is regarded as stimulus treatment, whereby the strength of the remedy to be given is determined on the basis of the symptoms of the individual case. "Mother tinctures" are for example Clay, ammonia, table salt or monk's pepper The smallness of the gift is achieved by diluting (here called potentizing) ht. To dilute, add 9 parts of alcohol or lactose to the selected mother tincture and shake or rub it in. Each further exponentiation (= dilution) takes place again in the ratio 1: 10, which is why the individual levels are designated with "d" = decimal power (hence exponentiation for dilution). D, = 1:10 = 10% D, = 1: 100 = 1% Dj = 1: 1000 = 0.1% D 4 = 1: 10000 = 0.01%


25 I hope I counted correctly and ask the typesetters for forgiveness! The percentage should be written 0, 1 with a total of 1999 zeros after the decimal point! The Italian physicist Amadeo Avogadro (born August 9, 1776 in Turin, to July 9, 1856 there) established the rule that all gases in a unit of space contain the same number of molecules if pressure and temperature are equal; Avogadro's number says that at 1 atmosphere pressure and 0 Celsius, 1 cubic centimeter contains 2.70 x 10 "molecules of the ideal gas. The Austrian physicist Josef Loschmidt (* 1821, f 1895) derived the number of Molecules of a gas in 1 cubic centimeter and thus came to the Loschmidt number L per mole; L has the value L = 6.02 xl O 23 on the chemical atomic weight scale. Avogadro's constant and Loschmidt's number show that - roughly calculated - 1 gram of a substance contains only 6 x molecules, divided by the molecular weight. From this it follows that from D, 3 purely arithmetically, no more molecule of the mother tincture, the active ingredient and irritant, can be contained l:

26 lobsters are divided - at least in Maine / USA - into right-handed and left-handed people, with one being the cutting hand and the other being the holding hand or scissors. Hedgehogs, harassed, hissing. Camels can retrace their own tracks over long distances and are therefore mainly used by smugglers in Rajastan, India, as the customs authorities are unable to control the camels that migrate alone. Transgenic rabbits are particularly suitable for the production of genetically engineered drugs because they are cheaper than genetically engineered sheep, but give more milk than genetically engineered mice. Nuclear physics is the fine description for a brutal rape of innocent atoms. A cenotaph is something completely different, namely a memorial May for a dead who is buried elsewhere. The up to 80 cm tall brown kiwi (Apteryx australis) from the ostrich family is so named because it calls out "Ki-wi, Kiwi" when searching for worms and berries at night, while his wife with a croaking "körr-körr" answers. The kiwi lives in a lifelong monogamy and provides the SO-day brood care without any ingestion of food. After hatching, his wife usually slips a second egg under him. Garlic is so called because the root tuber is split into toes, i.e. clumped (from klieben = to chop up, to pick = with fingers or teeth, painstakingly, carefully, slowly detaching from each other, detaching): Split onion. Knutt is the name of the wadden bird that breeds in North Greenland.

27 The constant e = 2.718 calculated by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler () serves as the basis for natural logarithms and exponential functions. Crocodiles swallow stones as ballast so that they can swim deeper. The kitchen window faces east. It is double glazed for insulation purposes. A dead fly hangs on the inside pane. It's hanging there with its right wing pinned to the pane. Why is it hanging there? Didn't she fall down on the windowsill? And why is it hanging there in the position of a jumbo jet taking off, that is, heading north? And stretches - dead - its left wing boldly to the west as if in flight? The stove and sink are on the north wall of the kitchen. In front of the dead fly, that is, towards the north, a strange white halo has formed, made up of the finest white particles. How to look at a miniature Milky Way. Covering an almost diamond-shaped area.The surface immediately in front of her body, that of the fly, is so densely covered with the particles that it almost looks like a white colored surface. Only when looking carefully at the light can it be seen that these are also individual particles. To the south and north of this spot on the inner pane of the double-glazed kitchen window with a view to the east, which is not identical with north-south-east-west on the pane, i.e. south of the spot (or downwards on the pane) and north (= in front of the fly or the left hand of the observer, who is known to look to the east out of the window and through the particle stain) of the same, the particle population becomes lighter or thinner or less dense until it imperceptibly merges into the clean, particle-free pane. Transforms? Get lost? In short: no longer exists. Where do the white particles come from? Why did they gather to the north and south of the fly carcass, so close by, thinner further on? So why essentially in front of the dead and not behind her? Whether it is the religious-political, i.e. ideological, meaning-giver Marxism, facts and meaning, who pretends to be a science

28 know how to unravel? Or should one even have to address himself to the high priest of the Ursmnforschens Martin from the Black Forest, so that he conjures up the Lord of the Flies with a whispering spell of speech, to reveal the deeds and fame of the dead? O whether the innumerable kitchen riddles! The arctic tern breeds in the north polar region and flies from there to Antarctica and back every year: approx. Salmon need an unrestricted youth in their native river; if this is withheld from them, they will later find it difficult to find a suitable spawning site. l light year = km (9.4608 trillion km). When Roman travelers first saw Indris macaques in Madagascar, swinging through the trees like bear-like figures, they thought of the Roman spirits of the dead, the "lemures", and named them lemurs. In Madagascar, the ostrich grew in around 25 million years to a 3 m high giant, unable to fly, and laid eggs with a volume of 8 liters. Until Malagasy hunters exterminated him around 1000. As the bird rok of the stories about Sindbad the Navigator, however, like a phoenix, he has survived the destruction to this day. The highest point in the Maldives rises 3 m above sea level. Masturbation is the most humane, most woman-friendly and AIDS-hostile disposal method for so-called male so-called urges. The blue the sea water, the warmer and poorer in nutrients.

29 The terrestrial seas hold around 1.5 billion (=) cubic kilometers (= km 3) of water, 1 km 3 contains 1 trillion (=) l of water. Dissolved in this - science has been teaching for a long time - are 25 tons of silver, 17 tons of copper, 14 tons of gold and 4 tons of uranium, among others. Extrapolated, this would result in t silver (= billions) t copper gold t uranium for all seas together.Until now, these quantities have been seen as a plentiful reservoir for the time when these raw materials were irretrievably plundered by the overexploitation of western industrial ideology on the mainland, ours Grandchildren wanted to continue the ecologically no longer justifiable economic structure for a few more generations. In the meantime it has unfortunately turned out (thank God) that none of this is correct: According to the latest measurements, the above data are too high by a factor of 3000 (!) Due to errors in the old analysis methods. Instead of 14 t gold per km 3 there is actually only 5 kg per km 3. And, as I said, this ratio also applies to all other metals in seawater. Processes to extract these tiny amounts are hardly conceivable and by no means even remotely economically justifiable. So even this escape route of the robbery economy from the ecological constraints, which they would so much like to ignore, does not exist. All people have fewer than 2 eyes on average. Laws of nature are records of partial insights into possible explanations for phenomena that are entirely incomprehensible. If you hold the nail between your index and middle finger while hammering in, you cannot hit your thumb. The females of the nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus always give birth to identical quadruplets of the same sex.

30 Captain Cook called the tiny Kriewel mosquito in New Zealand the most bloodthirsty beast on earth, although he did not yet know that the females are the bloodsuckers; and the Maoris claim that their original god created this mosquito so that people would not become too cocky. * The fact that earwigs are called that because it was previously believed that they loved to crawl into people's ears (or, according to the French, who call them perceoreille = ear peckers), has now been given unimpeachable scientific support: Doctors wrote to me, that in those times when man still indulged himself from time to time to the pleasure of falling asleep in the garden or hallway in the grass, it was not uncommon for patients to appear to whom such animals had crawled into the said organ on such occasions. Surely it occurred to the non-worm creeps because the ear offered them a dark, shady den and protection from unpleasant sunlight. Ovaphages are called tiger shark fetuses, which eat their siblings in the mother's uterus before they are born. A pedobaptist is also something completely different, namely a follower of infant baptism. Pantopods are related to spiders. Social stress leads to lower testosterone levels in male baboons and thus to muscle wasting and high blood pressure. The penguin is the best swimmer of all birds. Besides humans, penguins are the only other constantly upright living beings. The oriole has been growing out of byrolt on Krummen Lanke since 1557, as Gesner recorded in his bird book that Oriolus galbula "the Wittewal ... is also called a be-rolft, byrolt, tyrolt ..."

31 Popcorn cannot be roasted. Heinrich Powenz was the first to recognize the inaccuracy of the proposition that parallels intersect in infinity. Put yourself in your mind, he said, at that intersection, and see: they don't intersect there either. Also, it is not the light that is the fastest, but the thought. In the depths of the lignite mines, ravens wander, croaking, plaintively through the lunar gorges. The North American pine jay Nucifraga columbiana, which belongs to the corvid species, is called the nutcracker because its long, pointed beak takes the seeds from the cones of the pine trees in the large coniferous forests as its main food. Like his European and Asian counterparts, the common pine jays with the name Nucifraga caryocatactes, he collects seeds and nut kernels in his very flexible throat pouch until he usually hides the supply in a hole in the ground. Pine jays and pine jays find their hiding places much more reliably than their related jay, the Eurasian raven bird Garrulus glandanus, which is / was widespread in mixed forests and mainly lives on acorns, beech kernels and hazelnuts. At the confluence with Lake Constance, the Rhine advances its delta by 23 m annually. The basking shark filters around 1000 tons of sea water per hour with its jaw basket in order to get its vital needs, the animal plankton. The Viennese mineralogist Friedrich Mohs provided its only source of food, a not very differentiated, but extremely useful in practice

32 and the scale of the scratch hardnesses of minerals used by her to this day. It defines the hardness values ​​in 10 hardness levels by determining which mineral scratches another. Starting with the softest material, it looks like this: According to this, plaster of paris can scratch talc, but talc cannot. The hardness difference between 1 (talc) and 9 (corundum) is overall smaller than that between 9 (corundum) and 10 (diamond). The ruby ​​hummingbird (2.5 g live weight + 2 g fat as fuel) is the smallest of all migratory birds and whizzes around 800 km non-stop over the Gulf of Mexico with 50 flaps per second in just under 18 hours. The mid-Atlantic ridge is km long. Sahel means bank (the desert). Sound travels 4 times faster in water than in air.

33 ter «as a funny attempt to solve the unsolvable, be let fly with regret. Egyptian vultures live in the Alpilles. Until 1989, sulfur lakes were only known from Jupiter's moon lo, since then two of them have also been known from the summit of the Poäs volcano in Costa Rica. The top dog among the elephant seals is called the beach master. The harem of a beach master consists of between 30 and 1,000 females. A beach master with a length of 4.5 m and a live weight of up to 4 t is of prime male age (maximum age 25 years). Hardly any of the elephant seals that feed on fish and krill can remain beach masters for more than 3 or 4 seasons. Sea lions love to pull marine iguanas by the tails to pass the time. Sex is love without tenderness of the heart. The new breed is called "Slava Rose" in honor of Mstislav Rostropovich, whom his friends call Slava. Spring tides occur twice a month: at full moon and at new moon. Life in tidal areas follows a 12 V 2 hour rhythm. Swordtails live according to an internal clock that was set in the times of the dinosaurs: Since then, they have always laid their eggs at the highest spring tide level. All life on earth depends on the synchronism of the planets.

34 Stopfarsch was called the hare clover because of its good effect on diarrhea. Swamp blueberries are called bogberries and dark berries in the High Fens. Tensor analysis is the generalization of vector analysis. The vector is a quantity determined by 3 (or all of its: n) numbers in a certain sequence; If one interprets the 3 numbers as a coordinate difference in normal space, then one can - as usual in physics - designate the vector as any directed line; vectors can be used e.g. Representing forces or velocities: the vector is a 1st level tensor with 3 (or 4) components that together form 1 index, a 2nd level tensor has 9 or 16 components or 2 indices, a 3rd level tensor 3 Indices or 21 or 64 components, etc. If the tuna does not move forward continuously, it suffocates. Deep-sea anchors grow as big as shoes. Deep-sea bats look like plucked chickens and swim like clods 1. Vampires are the masters of ecologically sound life-sustaining blood transfusions. The common vampire Desmodus rotundus, about the size of a mouse, lives upside down in family clans in dark tree hollows: a male lead animal forms a community with a dozen female animals and their young. Relationships between female animals, especially relatives, often last for years. After 60 hours without food, the animal loses up to 25% of its body weight and its body temperature drops below life-threatening 1 Although they are officially only called sea bats, "deep sea bats" sounds more correct.

35 holding limit. According to this, statistically speaking, 82% of the adult animals per year would have to die of hunger: but only 25% die, and some animals live up to 18 years old. This is made possible by the fact that clan members who have less than 24 hours of life left due to malnutrition receive feed transfers similar to blood transfusions from clan mates through blood concentrate choked up from the stomach, so that the recipient receives a further 12 hours and thus another night of hunting during the donor At least 2 nights of life remain 1. Whales are descended from ancient tertiary ungulates. The presumably insectivorous ancestors of the whales returned from land to the sea around 75 million years ago. The 92 whale species are divided into those with 1 nostril (such as sperm whales and dolphins, which also include the killer whale: the toothed whale) and those with 2 nostrils (such as blue, fin, greenland, right, humpback and gray whales: the baleen whales). The transverse caudal fin of the whale is called the fluke, the triangular dorsal fin is called the fin. So far, albino births are only known in right whales. Right whale mothers suckle their young for up to 2 years. Gray whale cows never tolerate gray whale bulls near gray whale calves, but humans do. Gray whale cows have milk for the calves for up to 9 months. Humpback whales keep composing new songs and rarely repeat old ones. 1 The connection between this behavior and that of Count Dracula's human and resistant behavior is still awaiting scientific clarification.

36 blue whales are six times the size of dinosaurs. The whale's beards are horn plates that once stuck into corsets as whalebones 1. The ancient Greeks viewed dolphins as symbols of love 2. Humpback whales make love vertically in the water. Humpback whales have the most complex song system of any marine life. Gray whales perform the most tender lovemaking. 2 whales are trying to get a whale. As soon as this has chosen, the unchecked disappears into the depths of the ocean. He reappears as soon as the foreplay is over and the actual copulation is about to begin. Then he supports the chosen person in the back - mostly lying diagonally - in order to facilitate the introduction of the up to 3 m long penis during the act performed vertically in the water.3.Wallenborn near Gerolstein is called Wallenborn because the fountain there is still billowing, geyser eager. In liquid water there is always a small proportion of positively charged hydrinium ions H 3 O +, which are connected to uncharged water molecules via hydrogen bonds and thus produce the special properties of the water. Such hydrogen bonds form and disintegrate per second at room temperature in a water cluster (= ordered accumulations of a few water molecules that are held together by weak binding forces) around 10 trillion. 1 Because of their tenacious resistance to the swelling masses of officers and women alike in the service of vanity. Because of their tenderness, in which egotistical motives are only recognizable from the area of ​​the joy of playing. 3 Another proof that jealousy has nothing to do with love, only greed.

37 1 Each of these statements is of course purely natural history and only applicable to so-called people insofar as they have the courage to be humble in nature and do not exist out of cowardice against nature. 37 Weddell seals are the southernmost mammals on earth and keep their circular breathing holes in the ice open with their strong teeth. The wryneck, Jynx torquilla, was a small bark-colored woodpecker that lived mostly in the gardens, with soft tail feathers and a weak short beak; he laid his eggs in tree hollows; with a long sticky tongue he took earth ants out of their burrows as their main food; He used to spend the winter in North Africa 1. The wild boar is the most intelligent of all living things in the German forest 1. Worms have no ears 1. Trains are like ships. A long-distance train runs between Urumqi and Shanghai that takes 8 days on the outward journey and 7 days on the return journey. I don't know why. The crew number about 45 men (women and men). Conductors, locomotive staff, train bosses, cooks, conductors, auxiliary staff. Cooks in open charcoal stoves per car: water for tea, for food, for washing. Trains in the PRC that pretend to be a classless society do not have class I; but a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th class live comfortably - the extra-wide Russian lane taken into account - 4 people per compartment; in the third there are 8, in the fourth there are "open-plan coaches" with a correspondingly small number of people. lent has to do with greed.

38 The crew (in a socialist state, of course, men in management positions, women in service) stays on board from Shanghai to Urumqi and back. Then she has a few days off until the next assignment. China's trains still wander calmly through the landscape. Why shouldn't plush trains in Europe stroll calmly through the landscape on routes that are otherwise no longer "economical"? Speaking of deep-sea bats: The story of the grind head and the beautiful x Anyone who wants to dedicate their life to the noble task of researching the way of life of deep-sea bats has to go down to their habitats. Anyone who goes even deeper to explore the human soul will often reappear with ignoble findings. Because more often than salt in the sea he finds lies there. Lies whose mother is moral cowardice, whose father is arrogant arrogance; and both like to father even more hideous children: deceit and betrayal. As soon as this unholy trinity, incited by the parents, comes together to do something together, the most brutal rapes of souls up to the murder of the irrationally violated take place. How indigestible this is for everyone has just again shown the failure of the inhumane large-scale experiment that began in 1917, the victims of which have not even been counted on corpses and ruins. But if that trinity comes together in private life to enjoy another soul, then the result will be far worse, because the tormented soul no longer sees even hopes for a meaningful life if it survived.The story of lies is different from the lies: they are much rarer than government statements. And beautiful falsehoods are as rare as the truth. The most beautiful

39 tales of lies can still be heard in the bazaars of the Orient, slurping tea with townspeople and caravan men, listening to the ancient singsong of the wise storyteller. There was once a young Swede there. He crouched in the bazaar near Srinagar and listened to the barely 20-year-old Ahmad Jan, who had fled his homeland, Qilich in the Ferghana Valley, before the large-scale experiment and was now telling his homeland the story of the Grindkopf and the beautiful in Iranian Uzbek. For which one only has to know that the Uzbeks regard the grind head as the cunning rascal. A king had a fine daughter. He wanted to give it to a man and therefore said: "I will give it to someone who can tell me a thousand mouthfuls of untrue words." For a long time there was no one who dared to tell so many lies. But one day a cunning scoundrel came along and said: "I want to say a thousand mouthfuls of untrue words. Do you know what this is about?" Asked the king. "For if you tell me a thousand mouthfuls of untrue words, I will give you my daughter. But if you can't tell me, you'll give me your head. "The Grindkopf began to speak." After my father's death I was alone. I was three when we died several times. Then I went to a place where there were three knives. Two were broken and one had no blade. I took this without a blade and went to a place where there were three streams. Two were dry and one had no moisture. When I looked into the one with no moisture, I saw three fish swimming. Two of them were dead and one had no life. I caught the one with no life and killed him with the knife without a blade. Then I came to a place where there were three jugs. Two were broken and one had no bottom. I took the bottomless one. Then I came to a place where there were three kettles. Of these, too, two were broken and one had no bottom. I took the bottomless one. Finally I came to a place where there were three cisterns. Two were dry and one had no moisture

40 speed. So I filled the bottomless pitcher from the cistern with no moisture. Soon I came to a place where there were three houses. Two were in ruins and one had neither walls nor roof. When I entered the house with no walls or roof, there were three stoves. Two were in ruins and one had no fireplace. So I hung the bottomless kettle in the hearth without a fireplace and poured the water from the cistern without moisture from the bottomless pitcher and added the fish without life that I had killed with the knife without a blade, and I boiled and boiled and cooked it. When I checked on the fish, its bones had melted, but the boiling water had left its meat raw. I took the fish out of the kettle and ate it. Then my stomach swelled to a giant jar. I do not know why. Then I said: "I want to go through the door" and got up. But when I got to the door that wasn't in the wall, that wasn't there, I couldn't go through. I went to the fireplace and couldn't fit through. I went to the skylight and couldn't fit through. So I went back to the door that didn't exist and beat my way through the wooden iron lock. When I finally got away from there, I went up a hill. There lay the unborn child of a hare under an ungrown bush of mugwort. I broke off a twig from the ungrown mugwort bush, made a musket out of a reed stem, loaded it with the mugwort twig, and shot the hare's unborn child. I took it with me and later knocked it out of the covers and weighed meat and fat. It was 984 pounds of meat and 1,148 pounds of fat. Then I said: 'I want to smear my boots with the grease,' but when I smeared it was just enough for one boot, nothing remained for the other. After that I went to a place where it was night. I took off my boots and lay down with the boots by my head. Soon I heard a pounding noise. When I raised my head I saw my greased boot struggling with my ungreased boot in the dark. The unlubricated boot said: "He smeared you with grease, but not me."

41 fei with my unlubricated boot and went back to sleep. In the morning I wrapped the rag around my foot and drove into the greased boot. Then I wrapped the other rag around my other foot and looked around, but my ungreased boot was gone. I looked everywhere - nothing. There was no news of him anywhere. I climbed the big mountain near Kazan - nothing to see. I climbed the big mountain near Tbilisi - nothing to see. But there was an old, worn-out basket for cotton balls from my grandmother. When I got on it, I saw that my boot had migrated to Andijan and had become a market overseer there. There was also a mare that my father had left me. I mounted it and rode to Andijan. When I arrived, my boot saw me and said, 'What did your lubricated boot actually do for you? I have amassed a thousand quintals of millet by trading. Then I said to my boot: 'You're all right *, and I put it on. I picked up three bags. Two were full of holes and one had no bottom. If I put the millet in a perforated one, it wouldn't stay in. And if I put it in the bottomless one, it didn't stay in either. There was a cart with a hay basket next to it. When I put the millet that didn't want to stay in the sack in the hay basket, it stayed inside. So I hitched the mare to the cart and drove to Margelan. A mighty stream came into view on the way. It was very cool on the bank. So I let my mare graze and lay down in the cool to sleep. Suddenly I heard a voice that said: "Ah, aaah!" I opened my eyes and looked around; a sea horse came out of the stream and jumped on my mare. After it had brought them to the foal by the force of the jumping, it ran away. I jumped up and threw the stuffing on the cart and grabbed my mother on top. Then I went to Margelan. There I sold the millet and the mare. I bought apples for the money I got for everything, because in Andijan I had seen that apples were very expensive there. So I loaded apples and fillings onto the cart and set off. A mighty stream came into view on the way. In the middle of

For the last month of summer it was frozen to a depth of six and a half fathoms. Because of the heat, my seahorse was very thirsty. It wanted to drink. When I hit the ice on the river with my ax, it didn't want to splinter. When I hit it with the cooper's ax, it didn't splinter. When I hit it with my head, it went to pieces. When I looked at myself on this page, my head wasn't there. When I looked at myself on that side, the head wasn't there. When I checked again, my head was playing on the other bank of the river. I went and tried to put it back on, but then it crept up my aunt's ass. How much trouble did I have to pull him out of there again! After giving water to my fill, I went on to Andijan. When I got there and brought the apples to the bazaar, a woman came with a child in her veil. She said: 'Oh, father of the child! This child of yours should stand here in front of you! 'When I said:' This child of yours is crying! 'She said:' Oh father! If you give him an apple, it will eat and be quiet. 'I gave him an apple. After eating it, it began to cry again. I gave him a second apple. After eating it, it cried again. And without selling a single apple, it devoured all the apples I got for the money I'd got for a thousand hundred pounds of millet and a mare. When I looked more closely, it was crying again. Then I said: 'I've really made a good profit here!' And I didn't know where to throw the child or go with him. And I didn't have any money. When the child's mother finally came back, I said: 'Ha! You whore! Take back your brat. It has eaten all my apples! Ah, father of the child, please come to my garden! On my honor! I want to look at the loss in this apple business from the garden's point of view, 'and I followed her. She escorted me to her house. When I looked around, she spread out mattresses, knee-high. I took off my shirt and pants and crawled between the mattresses.

43 I said: 'Oh mistress! Come into the garden, please. And then did esjazijez in the kettle and Sizi Biz in the mattress. So did it. But then there was a rumble on the door. I asked: 'Who's coming?' And she said: 'The child's father.' I asked: 'Where was he?' And she said: 'In the mill.' I asked: 'Ho! And what now? 'And she said:' Here is a large clay jar for storing flour. I will put you in there. And when my husband sleeps, I'll let you out and send you away. 'I agreed and crawled into the flour jar. The woman went and opened the door. Her husband brought flour in a large sack. He said: 'Ah, woman, open the jar. I want to put the flour in it. "Then his wife said:" Put it on the floor and put it in the jar tomorrow. "Then her husband said:" You whore! Tomorrow it will be just a pile on the floor. I don't give you the flour. Open the jar! 'Then the woman opened the jar. He brought the flour and poured it in. But I was in the jar. Then the flour, which only half filled the sack, completely filled the jar. Then he said to his wife: 'Ha, woman! What do you say now? I met a lucky person on the street. Never before has the flour from the sack filled the jar. This time the lucky person looked benevolently into it, and now the half-full sack fills the jar completely. Get me the pestle from the rice mortar. 'His wife left. The pestle was in a sack. She brought it, and the man took the pestle and said, "I will pound the flour together and pour the rest of the flour on it." Then he clapped my shoulder. I lowered it. Then he hit my other shoulder. I also lowered this. Then he hit my grind head hard. The force of the blow with the pestle made me fart once. Then the jar burst and the flour flooded the house. I fled regardless of shirt and pants and climbed onto the roof of the house. When I was standing on the roof covered in flour, the man grabbed his wife and shouted: "You have a lover!" And began to beat her up.

44 As I stood there and felt sorry for the woman, I said to myself, "If I go down from the roof and separate the two, he'll unbutton me too." Suddenly I saw a donkey saddle on the roof. Then I said: "If I throw it on the ground that something breaks, will you be so frightened that they let go of each other?" I dragged the saddle to the edge of the roof, lifted it up and threw it down. When I lifted it, its tail strap fell around my neck and that's all I know. The saddle tore me down with it; with a mighty roar we fell to the ground. Then man and woman parted. Fearing them, I fled back to the roof. Several bundles of rice straw lay in one corner. I crawled into a bundle of straw. Suddenly the sewer guards came and shouted: 'Is there anyone? The water carried away everything that could be carried away! Give rice straw to build the insulation! 'The woman's husband said:' If you need straw, take it off the roof! 'A young man came up on the roof, took the bundle I was in, lifted it up and threw it down. But I don't know anything about husband and wife. The three sewer guards wound a rope around the bundle and tied it with force. Then they loaded it on a strong horse. It trotted off. When I stuck my head out in the street, the horse's flanks were covered in sweat. But I don't remember anything about the three sewer guards. I climbed out of the bundle and rode on. On the way I met a deep river bed. There wasn't a drop of moisture in it. I sent the horse down into the river bed with no moisture. The water of this place soaked me, but then I ran away under the water in the river bed with no moisture. I don't know any more about horse and bundle. I wandered there for many days, at the bottom of the water, until I finally got somewhere. When I opened my eyes I was sitting before the King, Your Majesty. ”Here the Grindhead's speech ended. The king was amazed and approved and praised the Grindkopf's speech, and since he could not help it, he gave him his daughter with forty days of wedding and spectacle. So the grind head took the girl and got what he wanted.

45 The young Swede accurately recorded what he had heard. Then he went home, turned the story of lies and the Iranized Qilich dialect of Uzbek into a fine scientific work, with which he achieved great fame among his specialist colleagues, the orientalists, and after such excellent preparation entered the diplomatic service of his country, in which he gradually acquired an even greater fame for himself and his country. But by then he was already an old Swede and his name was: Gunnar Jarring.

46 II. About the peoples, their characteristics, peculiarities, rites, customs and the like "10 languages ​​are spoken between Winningen, Wiltringen and Wellenstein: Celtic, Latin, Standard German, French, colloquial language, Luxembourgish, Moselle Franconian, Dutch, Yiddish and the Wine language. The popular language is Moselle Franconian. It contains all the foreign languages ​​mentioned. «(Karl Conrath)» We are one people. «(Theodor Herzl)» If you go to the right: you lose your horse; if you go to the left: you lose your soul; go straight ahead: you die. "(Russian proverb to explain the three forms of political possibility)" A disease can be very healing if it breaks the hardened heart, and health is very dangerous if it only seduces people into to continue indulging in one's desires. «(Bamberg Codex)» Doing bad and feeling good. «(Charles Krauthammer on the basic state of mind of white US citizens and Washington politics)

47- As I have just learned, the oldest clearly Germanic text known to date is a previously unpublished inscription from Trier in which one Teuton wishes another to be pissed off. Another proof of how questionable it is when modern politicians fall back on primitive Germanic conditions in their arguments. Incidentally, no one knows today (again) what the Celtic word "Germani", first handed down in Latin around 70 acn, with which Celtic peoples in Spain, in northern Gaüicn and even peoples east of the Rhine were referred to, really meant.

48 calculated languages ​​were really already differentiated languages, or should be viewed as more or less different dialect forms) Greek (the Attic-Ionic Koine as the standard language in trade and administration; an Attic literary language; technical languages ​​with rich foreign vocabulary; regional dialects / languages: Attic, Dorian, Epirotic, Ionian, Laconian, Macedonian, Messenian) Hebrew Hittite-Luwian residual languages ​​(Isauric, Carian, Lydian, Lycian, Pisidian, Sidetic) Iberian 1 (on the Iberian Peninsula) Iberian 11 (in the Caucasus, not related to 1; the The Greek Iberian form of the name corresponds to the Armenian »virk«, from which in Persian »gurdscha«, in Russian »gruzi« and in German »Grusier, Grusinier« or »Georgian«; ancient authors report that in the eastern border regions between 70 and 300 independent languages ​​were spoken, of which one otherwise knows nothing more) Illyrian Iranian Istrian Italian Languages ​​(in a broader sense this also includes Latin and Messapic; In the narrower sense are meant: Umbrian in the north of Italy, Oskish in the south, and the Sabellian or intermediate dialects such as Martian, Paelignic etc.) Celtic (Celtiberian on the Iberian Peninsula; Gaulish and Narbonese in western continental Europe; the British languages: Breton, Cornish, Cymrian , and the Goidehschen: Irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic in north-western Europe; Lepontic in northern Italy; in the Alps / Balkans: Noric, Pannonian-Central Dalmatian, Southeast Dalmatian, Vindelician; Galatian in Asia Minor) Lasisch (in the Caucasus) Latin (the numerous variants of the literary High-level language and the standard Latin of trade and administration, each originated on the Latin-Etruscan base

49 would be; of the regional orVulgar Latin; of the "sermo castrense" 1, that regional Latin of the legions who recruited their men from all corners of the empire and thus became a melting pot of all conceivable linguistic characteristics; this »sermo castrense« probably played the main role in the formation of the vulgar Latin special forms in the individual regions in the respective local languages ​​and then the later special Romance languages) Liburnian Libyan (the Numidian = Eastern, Tunisian-Algerian Massylic and the Western » Algerian «Masäsylisch] Ligurian Messapian Mingrelian (in the Caucasus) Peonic (Phrygian?) Parthian Phoenician (strangely still declared as alive!) Phrygian Punic (daughter language of Phoenician in Carthage) Rhaetian Sarmatian Scythian Sumerian we hardly know many of these languages ​​Syrian Thracian Venetian than their names. With many of them (such as Celtiberian) we know that they are made up of numerous language groups and dialects, but we can hardly determine (as with Celtic or Germanic) whether the language differences 1 Of course, according to classical Latin, it must be called "sermo castrensis". However, all experience with pronunciation questions suggests that early on the written "-ensis" became a "-ense" slobbered by all possible influences of unrecognizable languages. Just as natural: the »sermo castrense« is just as little a separate language or dialect recognized by linguistics as, for example, the former German »landser-russisch« (which, like »sermo«, could perhaps be classified as a sociolect) - one from the » beruf «originated slang, jargon, with all the contributions of professional colleagues from all parts of the empire, and therefore also from all languages ​​spoken in the empire.

50 were big enough that one could speak of individual languages, or there were only dialect differences that did not allow the speakers to communicate with one another easily, but at least without problems in everyday life. These languages ​​were written in hieroglyphics (Egyptian), cuneiform (Hittite-Luwish, Sumerian); in Germanic and Celtic and Celtibero-Phoenician runes; in the following alphabeticals: the Aramaic, Armenian, Demotic, Etruscan, Greek, Iberian (on the Iberian Peninsula), Carian, Coptic, Latin, Libyan, Phoenician-Punic and Sidetic letters. * Illinois is, strictly speaking, a corrupted French form of an Algonquin word, the original form of which is ileniwa in Proto-Algonquin and was adopted in the individual languages ​​as follows: Fox »ineniwa«, Cree »iyiniw«, Menomini »ineeniw«, Ojibwa » imm «. It means "man", so it is one of the frequent self-names in the sense of "we are the real people". Nanking means "southern capital". Beijing means "northern capital". :: "Spain does not mean rabbit country, but (derived from a Semitic root» schepan «as the Phoenician name for the land of their most important trading empires in the west) the land of the hyrax. Tokyo means» eastern capital «. * The longest European place name occurs in Wales and reads (58 letters): Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiiliogogogoch, which one school of experts translates as: "Church of Mary in a hollow of white hazelnuts near a swift vortex and in the area of ​​the Thysiliokirche, which is located by a red cave", while the other Expert group is of the opinion that the translation should be: »sanktmarienkirche in a Mul-