How much are you paying me

Tell me where you live - I'll tell you how much you pay!

Where are the rents and purchase prices for apartments and houses particularly high and where are particularly low. The Real Estate Association Germany has recently examined this topic and published the results today. On this page you can find out how expensive living in Munich and the region really is and how prices have changed over the years.


Prices and development in the Munich area

If you look at the development of purchase and rental prices in a five-year comparison, the purchase price increases for the types of property examined in all district towns are almost without exception at least + 30%. In the case of condominiums, the city is located Erding among the district towns examined with an increase of + 74% - followed by Dachau with + 63%.

The capitalcity Munich recorded a purchase price increase of + 63% here.

The increases in rental apartments from the portfolio are lower. This is where the highest increases in Erding with +44%, as well as in Freising and in Ebersberg with + 39% each. F├╝rstenfeldbruck and Starnberg show the lowest increases in existing rents at + 18% and + 22% respectively.


For comparison: rents in the state capital Munich also increased by + 18% during this period.

When it comes to condominiums, Munich is clearly ahead of the district towns. Starnberg only achieved 87% of the Munich value and landed in second place.