Tip your service providers

Who gets tips at the wedding? And how much?

For most bridal couples, it goes without saying that good service is rewarded. The staff at the festival location, the wedding photographer, the stylist and other service providers: They all contribute to making your wedding day a wonderful experience. Each of them is happy to receive additional recognition, but this thank you does not have to be of a financial nature. The English term for tip, tip as an abbreviation for "tO improve promptness - improve willingness ”explains the real meaning of the thank you. Who - apart from the service staff - is given an extra and how high it is is up to the bride and groom.

How much tip is appropriate?

If you are guided by the amount of the bill, a tip of around ten percent of the total bill will quickly amount to several hundred euros. If you've been extremely satisfied and can afford it, that's fine, but not a must. As a rule of thumb, calculate with two to three euros per wedding guest or 25 to 30 € per service staff. Then you get a tip of around € 150 at a wedding with 75 guests. Do not forget that the staff at your festival location also includes the kitchen team!

Recognition for the wedding service provider

Just as for the service staff, financial courtesies for stylists and the chauffeur of the wedding vehicle are common. A bridal couple who are more than satisfied with their photographers, videographers and artists can of course tip them too.

It doesn't always have to be cash

If you don't want that, a small thank you in the form of a good bottle of wine is also welcome. The pastor, the DJ and the members of the band and the photographers look forward to an invitation to the wedding dinner.

Handing over the tip

Every tip is a personal recognition for the work done, should therefore be handed over personally and accompanied by a friendly "thank you". The bride and groom may of course delegate the distribution of envelopes and presents to groomsmen or bridesmaids. In no case do not forget to honor the valuable help that you received from your circle of friends and acquaintances. Flower children and junior bridesmaids receive a small gift, such as candy or a book. Volunteers deserve a thank you in the form of a brunch or dinner together when you are back from your honeymoon.

Thank you cards for your service providers

When sending your thank you cards, think about your bridal shop, your gentlemen's outfitter, your pastry chef, your florist and your jeweler. And if you've forgotten to give the tip at the wedding, it's a good idea to give it in person with a thank you card.