What are Facebook's advertising rules for 2019

Facebook tightened campaigning rules ahead of the US presidential election

Menlo Park - Facebook wants to increase its transparency in election advertising ahead of the 2020 US presidential election. "People should know who is trying to influence their choices, and advertisers should not be able to disguise who is paying for the ads," the social network said on its US blog on Wednesday.

Since the scandal surrounding alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, Facebook had come under increasing pressure to improve its transparency.

As of mid-September, stricter rules for the authorization process for US advertisers will apply. In the future, they would have to disclose more information about their organization in order to be approved, it said. If you do not follow the new rules by mid-October, your advertisements would be stopped, Facebook announced.

Misleading disclaimers

One of the reasons for the tightening of the rules is that advertisers have tried in some cases to include misleading disclaimers with the note "paid by" on their advertisements. With the move, they want to make it harder for advertisers to hide who is hiding behind the advertisement, Facebook announced.

In Germany, too, people or organizations who place election advertising must create a disclaimer that can be seen on the respective advertisement. According to the company, this "must not contain the phrase" paid by ", as this notice is already used by Facebook itself. (APA, August 29, 2019)