Why do FedEx Dropboxes have envelopes

Free recycling boxes for shipping and packaging to each carrier!

Step 4: Step 1: Don't Waste Not Wanting .... Step 2: Get Some Reuse Boxes & Packaging! Step 3: techniques! Step 4: tape & secure

Free shipping materials will be with you! (Or treehuggers can use recycled boxes, labels, and envelopes) GO GREEN!

Free materials are available! Most of them are already 100% post-consumer recycled paper!

If you have an office you can reuse supplies or if you go online (register) or pass a postal facility or a Kinko you can get used to labels, boxes, envelopes and much more!

Yes, you can simply reuse old opened shipments or boxes sent back to you! Do you buy or sell ship alot? Ebayers? Open and reuse these fields INVERTED!

Some shipping companies do not allow you to use boxes at a competitor!
You cannot get high-priced "express" packages for Snail, Ground Floor, or 1st Class


Do you "Think Green" ....? Use UPS boxes for USPS or use USPS supplies for FedEx / UPS

etc ... just don't have the fine print ...

Definitely do the following ...

EStep 1: don't want waste ...

Ok so get your used boxes (at work) or a new UPS / USPS to you (online / Dropbox).

They do not allow anothers carrier to re-use materials for new routes and postal parcels so as to reuse this packaging so we take old boxes and put them ... "inside out" ....

So they are now being used, or get "reused", work fine and are free. So save a few $$ and donate them to the local recycling center.

The steps herein show the techniques details.
... start with ribs open the main seams along the length ...

Step 2: get some reuse boxes & packaging!

Yes, that's better than any LANDFILL use .... double reuse is even better ...

Many shippers use specific packages, letters and envelopes for express / priority only shipping! However, we use them once then throw them away. Or we can't do them at all for other airlines nor more economical mail or "bulk" shipping ... why!

Express, overnight and early AM packaging is exprensive and a lot is not recycled or reused ... REUSE! INVERT!

These steps show how and where to use such materials.

You will deliver! Pickup in your office or your workplace!

Go to USPS.com

Visit every local post office, post office box etc, package or UPS / FEDEX kiosk / drop box and grab any boxes or any free materials in front of them. In an office get some deliverepre-d "used" or free "office supplies" .... Check out the "eBay specials" online from time to time with the shippers.



Get these old and reused boxes and labels etc ... Now turn them "inside out"

Consequences? Flip, tape and invert!

Step 3: techniques!

Some examples of easy reused boxes & packaging

Step 4: tape & secure

Mail or strong tape boxes to secure loose sides / ends.

Stand up and use old package / letters / air cushions for filling and packaging materials.

Now lower "Carbon Footprint" and Low Cost Ground, Parcal Post or Post Office accepts our "Recycled" and "Reused" boxes and materials ... even though were made with "Premium" packaging!

so don't throw it away ... scavange the boxes!

Use freebies!

Save the world ... a package sent ... twice.