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Free shipping, free storage, free returns, free returns

Try Fulfillment by Amazon now and receive free shipping to an Amazon fulfillment center, free storage, free returns and free processing of returned goods with the program for new items in the FBA range (conditions apply).

Amazon takes care of the picking, packaging and shipping of your orders

You sell - we ship. Amazon has one of the most advanced shipping networks in the world. When shipping through Amazon, you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers. We pick, pack and ship the orders directly to your customers and offer customer service for these products. Fulfillment by Amazon can help you grow your sales and reach more customers.

The benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon

Your products are eligible for Prime FREE premium shipping from Amazon Prime, FREE shipping and other benefits.

All Prime members are enthusiastic about the Prime FREE premium shipping, which is offered for eligible orders. The products that you offer with Fulfillment by Amazon can also be eligible for free shipping and the coveted Prime logo. This means that your customers know that Amazon takes care of packaging, delivery, customer service and returns, which can be proven to increase sales by up to 26.5% *.
* Annual seller survey 2020

Your customers benefit from reliable Amazon customer service and returns.

Fulfillment by Amazon does this operational work for you and uses Amazon's global customer service network to manage customer inquiries, refunds, and returns of FBA orders.
  • Customer service for Fulfillment by Amazon: Multilingual support by phone / email around the clock and at no additional cost, apart from handling fees for returns in certain product categories.
  • Returned goods when Fulfilled by Amazon: Via our online return center, we take care of all customer service related to returns. Learn more about FBA guidelines for returns for orders placed on

Fulfillment by Amazon makes it easier to sell across Europe.

Amazon offers a range of shipping solutions across Europe so you can choose the one that best suits your business. Pan-European Fulfillment by Amazon is the most popular and fastest service. Amazon uses logistics centers across the EU for storage and shipping. With the European shipping network, your products are shipped from the central warehouse in their country of origin. With "Inventory in marketplace country", the inventory is stored in logistics centers in the countries you have specified and shipped from there. If you would like to stay up to date on changes in connection with Brexit, please visit our help page for your Amazon business on Brexit prepare (registration required)

Find the right solution with the special programs from Fulfillment by Amazon.

"Fulfillment by Amazon" is all about flexibility. You can choose what best suits your business goals and have access to a wide range of options for shipping your customers' orders across Europe. We take care of the details so that you save time and can concentrate fully on your business. FBA's specialized services can help you grow your business without investing in capital or staff:
Payment after the service has been completed - we will charge you for the storage space and the orders we have sent. Shipping costs are included in your fees, with no extra charge for Prime FREE premium shipping from Amazon Prime and free shipping for eligible orders. Fees for selling on Amazon and for optional services may apply.

FBA storage and shipping charges

Calculated for all items stored in an Amazon fulfillment center and based on the average daily inventory volume in cubic feet. Learn how to determine the product size for your items.
Billed per unit for the picking and packaging of your orders, shipping and processing, customer service and returns. Use the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator to calculate fees and get a fee preview.
Monthly assessment for all items that have been stored in a logistics center for longer than 365 days. Maintaining good inventory status can help you avoid long-term storage fees.

Removal order fees

You can hire Amazon to return or dispose of your inventory at fulfillment centers for a fee per item.

Handling fees for returned goods

Billed for orders when Amazon offers a customer free return.

Fees for unplanned services

Calculated when inventory arrives at a fulfillment center without proper preparation or labeling, requiring unscheduled service.
Learn more about the cost of Fulfillment by Amazon. Use the FBA Revenue Calculator in Seller Central to calculate your FBA fees.
You can also download the rate overview for the European markets:

Learn how your shipping model affects sales tax requirements

Depending on the type of your company, you are subject to sales tax in European countries according to the applicable regulations. Factors that affect your sales tax obligations include the shipping model and the country of storage.
Amazon Prime is a tool that we use to increase sales and that we like to refer to as the supercharger effect. If you do that Prime Logo show you sell more products.
David GuttfreundCEO, The Light Factory

Inventory management for shipping
through Amazon

Use the tools in your seller account to list products, create delivery schedules, send and track shipments, and remove inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers.

Key figure monitor for inventory management

Your KPI monitor for inventory management shows your LBI rating and the most important influencing factors. Check your LBI rating regularly as a low value can add cost and limit your ability to send in more inventory.
Optimize your inventory by knowing when to sell or remove your products for less. Get detailed information on storage fees, ways to increase sales, and suggestions for improving the return on your inventory.

Determine the age of the inventory

Improve sales and avoid long-term storage fees. Use inventory age tools to see how much inventory you are holding and how long inventory has been in fulfillment centers.