How does vitamin B12 affect your urine

Determine vitamin B12 yourself simply with a urine test

I still wonder why people read about B12 blood tests everywhere. Because there is the possibility to determine one's B12 status very comfortably in the urine. I am one of those people who don't like going to the doctor. I feel sick at the sight of needles, taking blood samples is simply sheer horror. I prefer simple, pain-free and stress-free alternatives for B12 control. For this reason I wanted to take a closer look at this other test option. I did the B12 urine test in cooperation with Medivere. The results are already there!

What do you need for the B12 urine test?

Very simple: morning urine. :-) The vitamin B12 test can be conveniently ordered online. The small package with all the necessary utensils, instructions and explanations was there very quickly. Taking the test is easy. After getting up, collect the first morning urine in a container according to the instructions and give it to a sample with the help of a syringe. Label, pack and send. You can't really go wrong. The instructions are detailed and well made. Danger! When sending off, you have to make sure that the shipment is not in the mailbox over the weekend. And you have to know that the mail does not fit into the mailbox with a narrow slot. Either put it in large mailboxes from Monday to Thursday (the slot is higher there!) Or hand it in directly to the post office. The return envelope is already franked.

How meaningful is such a B12 urine test?

Methylmalonic acid is an indirect marker for a vitamin B12 deficiency. Put simply: If you have too little of the vitamin B12 in your body, the methylmalonic acid level in the urine increases. And that can be measured very well. So you can say that this test method delivers meaningful results that you can rely on.

How fast is the B12 urine test?

I sent the test on Thursday and the results were already in the mailbox on Tuesday. I don't know why, but we don't get the post every Monday. The evaluation takes about 2-3 days, which I think is very quick. My results are still okay, but should be monitored a little. I am right in the middle. Since I'm still breastfeeding my daughter, my need for B12 is significantly higher. I will now take a little more B12 so as not to get a deficiency. The test result is shown in an understandable way. If you are unsure and would like further therapy, you should of course consult your doctor. Personally, I find the test very useful and recommendable! If necessary, I would use this test variant again. If the result is bad, I would go to the doctor and have a closer look (for example the B12 blood test as a supplement or as a double check). Then you are in good hands and can react accordingly.

Have you already had experience with a B12 urine test? Your Lisa.

Article by Lisa Albrecht published on May 25, 2015.