Where can one find breeders of serval cats

This is where you can find Serval descendants: the Savannah

Anyone who has fallen in love with the exotic and could imagine not having a Serval but a Savannah move in can count on a completely socialized house cat from the fourth or fifth generation, which is not subject to any restrictions. Nevertheless, the breed is only suitable for people who want to keep a cat with a lot of pepper in their buttocks - and who can meet their high standards. The costs for these exotic looking animals are still in the four-digit euro range, but they are many times more affordable than animals of the first generation: some of them are only available for the price of a new small car. For good reason: Keeping wildcat hybrids or even a serval requires not only financial resources, but also a great deal of specialist knowledge. Another hybrid cat breed that emerges from wild cats in combination with Abyssinian cats is the Caracat: a cross between a domestic cat and a caracal. However, it is even rarer to find than the Savannah. If you don't like it so exclusive, but still exotic, you should find out more about the Bengal cat.

Back to the Savannah as a serval in mini format: the extent to which the following generations resemble the long-legged serval varies. Anyone interested in keeping them should offer as much space as possible: a large apartment or, better still, a house with a secure garden. Many Savannah cats develop close bonds with their humans and always enjoy being around their owners. When playing games, they can be a bit rougher and more impetuous than other cats. That's why it's easiest to keep two Savannah cats at the same time so they can entertain each other in their own wild way. Keeping rather cozy cat breeds such as British Shorthair or Persian is less recommended, although experienced cat owners will recognize exceptions. Because you should bring cat experience if you want to give a Savannah a home. You should only buy a Savannah from a breeder who sells it with a pedigree. The breeding of wild cat hybrids is very demanding and only belongs in the hands of experts.

We hope you enjoy your Serval offspring, the Savannah - or while looking at Serval pictures!