Polished dark leather

Removing scratches from leather: home remedies and tips

If your leather sofa has got a scratch, you can often remove it. We have here some home remedies and tips for you on how to repair the damage.

Scratches in the leather: Not all leather is created equal

Whether shoes, jackets, bags or furniture - leather products are classy and not exactly cheap. Even with the best care, scratches can often not be avoided. In many cases you can mend them quite well, but the choice of means depends on the type of leather.

  • Smooth leather is quite resistant and scratches can usually be treated quite well.
  • Suede, on the other hand, is less easy to care for. However, you can also treat superficial and small scratches here.

Removing scratches from leather: home remedies and tips

Always try the home remedies first on an invisible area.

  • With smooth leather, even a simple baby lotion or hand cream can help with small and fine scratches. Gently rub a small amount onto the scratch. Then polish the area with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Even normal shoe polish can make small scratches disappear. However, it is important that you use the correct shade.
  • Olive or baby oil is not only suitable for treating fine scratches, it also cares for the leather. Use a cotton swab to apply a little oil to the scratch, then rub the oil in with a soft cloth. Include the surrounding areas with circular movements. After about an hour of drying time, wipe the area with a clean cloth.
  • For scratches in suede, however, none of these measures will work - they would all leave stains. Unfortunately, there is no home remedy for this problem.

Scratches in the leather - when home remedies are not enough

Unfortunately, no home remedy helps with suede. Also, larger or deeper scratches in smooth leather can hardly be treated with home remedies.

  • You can treat small scratches on suede quite well with a suede brush.
  • If the scratch is not deep, you can also use a special leather color for treating smooth leather.
  • If a larger area is scratched or the scratches are also quite deep, you have to use a leather repair kit and proceed with the repair according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Leather is a natural product and darkens over time. That is why we will show you in the next article how to lighten leather.