Why do wolves form packs

Pack Marchairuz

Current facts about the wolf presence

  • Pair formation: 2018 (Wölfin F19 x Wolf M95)
  • First reproduction: 2019
  • Reproduction 2020: yes, at least five puppies



A new pack of wolves formed in the Vaud Jura in 2019. It is that first wolf pack in the Jura for around 150 years. It lives in the area of ​​the Col du Marchairuz, the range extends into the nearby French Jura.


Form the adult, reproductive wolf pairthe she-wolf F19 and the wolf M95. F19 was first detected in the Vaudois Jura in 2016 and has lived there since then. She has been accompanied by M95 since 2018 and forms a couple with them. Both animals come from the Italian-French southwestern Alps.


In July 2019, the Wolf Switzerland group was able to create a Lactating (suckling) she-wolf detected as well as an adult male. This is the proof for the reproduction of the pair and thus the formation of packs in the Vaudois Jura. In August 2019, three puppies could finally be photographed. The genetic evidence even suggests the presence of four puppies in 2019 (F56, F62, M121, M124). At least five puppies were born in 2020, two of which have been genetically identified to date (F77, F79).


In the summer of 2018, the she-wolf F42 was detected on the eastern edge of the current pack's range. In spring 2019 there was evidence of the M99 wolf in the pack area, which previously in the canton of Aargau was established. However, both animals no longer seem to be in the area.