Why do people in NYC always rush

Don't's in New York - things you shouldn't do

Be careful, as a tourist in New York you can unintentionally attract attention. But if you think a little bit and have a few points in mind, you will get through the city well. Here are the points to consider as a visitor to New York City should rather avoid:

Just stop

The New Yorker himself is always in a hurry and on the move. Please do not disturb the flowby simply stopping on the sidewalk, stairs, or escalator. The following applies in particular to groups: Please do not cause a traffic jam by standing in a narrow space. Incidentally, on escalators: stand on the right, walk on the left.

Act like a tourist

Please don't attract attention as a tourist, it starts with the clothes: It's better to wear the I-love New York T-shirts at home first. And also rather not carry the camera around your neck for a walk. Basically: Anyone who dresses or behaves like a tourist, is also treated like one.

In addition, it is better to look discreetly on the smartphone for the way than to unpack the large map. By the way, I can delay the satellite signal a little in the middle of the skyscrapers, just wait a moment, and then it comes.

People staring

Nobody really likes to be stared at, it's best to think about it every now and then when you discover someone extraordinary.

In the subway

It is best to have your subway ticket ready at the entrance to the station if you have to swipe it at the entrance and thus avoid the traffic jam (see "Stopping"). After boarding, do not stand in the door, but take a few steps into the middle of the car. Do not lean on the handrail while driving, then hardly anyone can hold on to.

Bonus tip: If a car is (almost) empty during busy times, there is a reason, for example a very bad smell. So it's better not to get into it.

Mindfulness in photos, films and selfies

Since September 11th, in particular, attention has been paid to this: There are some buildings and areas in which, for the sake of safety, photography and filming are prohibited. These include banks or authorities. Some museums have rules for taking photos. And you should show a little tact, so be careful in places of mourning such as the 9-11 Memorial or not take pictures of the homeless without being asked. Selfies are best taken in Times Square, like most tourists.

Just stay at Times Square and the tourist trails

The neon signs and flagship stores in Times Square are not the real New York: Be sure to expand your radius and look at other districts, e.g. take a trip to Williamsburg or Brooklyn, take a detour from the High Line, etc.

Even when eating better try the New York restaurants, because you can find the standardized food of the big chains everywhere, right ?!

Take care of your phone and bag

On your own Watch out for valuables, e.g. do not leave the bag unattended behind the chair. That's actually clear in a big city, right ?!

Forget the tip

Tips are not included in the US. Exception: Sometimes it is explicitly stated on the invoice, sometimes you do that with tourists. But otherwise the basic rule applies: Tip around 15%, always. Also: keep coins for yourself or donate them.

Don't drive a car, never

Almost needless to say. Because it is quite clear that the traffic is crazy and parking is almost impossible and very expensive. You can get anywhere with the subway and taxis.

Don't miss the free museum admission days

Tip for bargain hunters: Big museums like the MET, the Guggenheim, Moma or the Museum of Natural History have a free day / hour or a pay-what-you-want day every week. Simply inform the Wusch Museum on the website in good time. Beware: it could get a bit full at these times.