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  • This thoroughness at the same time has the advantage of providing the greatest relief for the business of thought; it has the whole development in front of it enclosed in this germ, and considers itself ready with everything when it is done with this, which is the easiest thing to do with, for it is the simplest, the simple itself; it is the little work that is required that makes this self-contented thoroughness essential.
  • At this end, the tribunes of the people Gaius Licinius and Lucius Sextius brought motions to the community: on the one hand, with the elimination of the consular tribunate, to establish that at least one consul had to be a plebeian, and furthermore, the plebeians had access to one of the three large colleges of priests, the on to open ten members to be increased of the oracle keepers (duoviri, later decemviri sacris faciundis, 1, 191); on the other hand, with regard to the domains, no citizen can raise more than a hundred cattle and five hundred sheep on the common pasture and no more than five hundred Iugera (= 494 Prussian acres) of the domain land released for occupation, and also to oblige the landlords to work among their field workers to use a number of free workers in proportion to the number of farm slaves, and finally to provide relief for the debtors by deducting the interest paid from the capital and arranging repayment periods.
  • The conscience of the unfortunate woman felt heavily burdened by some folly, even by bloody guilt: noble natures seek relief and penance in sacrifice and renunciation: her daughter and Cassiodor's accusations had moved her heart and the prefect had her in favor Found mood for his advice.
  • Furthermore, he came again, which gave a great relief, into the lighted parts of the globe, and at eight o'clock in the morning the day dawned.
  • Since this new abbess came to the monastery, although I have humbled myself to every service in order to gain her favor, I have never been able to get her to grant me the slightest relief to meet Giuliano R ** who is my friend to see.
  • I was by no means in a pleasant condition; to be sure, "being better", being free from a troublesome illness is something, but you can feel a relief, an agility in all limbs, but pleasant sensations, sensual excitement never occurred to me.
  • These uninterrupted efforts were to take a very happy turn today, which both promised great relief for the future.
  • Ragni lay tired in her bed; Kallem had just asked her if she didn't feel a little relief.
  • You will accompany me; I beg you, master, answer my questions; that will bring relief to my sick spirit.
  • Because the reservations expressed in Section 88, based on objective characteristics, characterize a real emergency which, if it does not appear to be alleviated by the accompanying circumstances, justifies temporary relief of the burdens imposed on the foundation for the sake of the fact that this would improve the prospect of such To get over an emergency and to be able to resume larger duties afterwards.
  • How she stalked him on the streets of this strange and overwhelming city, her relief when he didn't reject her.
  • We cannot allow other reliefs as long as it is possible elsewhere to obtain cheap labor through apprentice breeding and thereby to undercut the price of labor.
  • Only when the years have gotten her used to the humiliation and taken the sting out of her grief does she allow herself the relief of trusting herself.
  • The curtain had been drawn down, partly to give the presenter some relief, partly to make a change in what was depicted.
  • That gentleness, the basic trait of his justice when he handled it himself, the far-reaching relief when carrying out the previously terrible ukase, guaranteed him that he was not mistaken in this.
  • How humiliating it is to the best instincts of our sex that women should thereby receive a declaration of marriage nullity