What is the best wine club

What is a wine club?

Wine is in vogue right now. Understanding something about wine gives you the necessary self-confidence to cope with all occasions at the table. And not only that - it also opens up new perspectives for enjoyment and leisure.

A wine club is a meeting point for wine lovers who would like to deepen their knowledge of wine and consciously enjoy their wine consumption.

Thousands of wine lovers have discovered the ideal formula for themselves in clubs to immerse themselves in wine culture and make their purchases with the help of specialist advice. Membership in a wine club gives access to discoveries by a group of experts at almost unbeatable prices. In addition, buying through a wine club offers several guarantees: the guarantee of choice, as a team of oenologists travels thousands of kilometers and tastes hundreds of wines before they choose a wine; the guarantee of adequate storage of the wine in specially equipped warehouses, as well as the money-back guarantee in the event of dissatisfaction.

Club membership also offers privileges such as participation in tasting courses and other activities, the opportunity to purchase exclusive wines and access to detailed information that enables you to assess the selected wine. Another advantage is of course the convenient delivery directly to your home.

Regardless of their origin and the way they work, there are some characteristics that all wine clubs have in common:

1. Customers are private individuals who buy their wines to order.

2. They are wine lovers who would like to learn. People who like to know their way around wine, who like to learn to differentiate between wines and how to pair them with the right food ... A wine club is the best way to learn everything about wine. The products on offer are always accompanied by detailed preliminary information that helps to train the senses and to place the wine in its context: the region, the winery, the grape varieties, the type of winemaking ... The wine club also gives the opportunity to taste wine To taste with other wine friends and opens up so many possibilities of expanding knowledge.

3. Customers enter the club with the aim of being able to shop under privileged conditions. The strategy is simple: the larger the number of members, the larger the quantities that the club purchases from a winery and, consequently, the better the negotiated terms of purchase. A club buys directly from the wineries and they in turn have an interest in introducing themselves to the club members. That justifies a buying and selling price that is lower than that for the rest of the retail trade. The purchasing power of a club also enables the wineries to allow a club to participate in the winemaking process with the aim of creating exclusive wines for the members. Definitely a club can offer a better deal than retail, both in terms of quality and price.

Aside from these common elements, there are also some differences between wine clubs: there are clubs that charge shipping costs and those that include shipping in the price; there are clubs with membership fees and others without; some rely on members to have a carton of wine delivered automatically every month, while others just focus on buying-and-ordering ... Anyway, being a member of a wine club has only advantages.


History of Vinoselección

Vinoselección was Spain's first wine club. It was founded in 1973 by Massimo Galimberti in Madrid. What was new about the club was buying to order (distance selling), a type of shopping that was largely unknown in Spain at the time.

Since Vinoselección was born, the club has strived to spread wine culture and make quality wines known. To this end, a team of experts, made up of oenologists and professionals, worked to find the best wines and have them delivered directly from the winery to the members' homes.

In 1980, Vinoselección went one step further and made it their mission to bring Spain's artisan cheeses out of oblivion. This original initiative soon found many friends all over Spain. Encouraged by the success of the cheese selection and at the request of the members themselves, the gastronomic division was created in 1983, offering members handcrafted gourmet products.

At the end of the 1980s, the Vinoselección wine club began its international expansion. Vinoselección is now represented in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

For 46 years now, Vinoselección has known how to position itself and maintain its leading position as the first wine club in Spain and one of the largest in the world (80% of the distance wine business in Spain is handled by Vinoselección). Vinoselección today has more than 100,000 members.


Advantages and additional benefits of a wine club

The benefits of being part of a wine club include:

1. Obtaining detailed and specific information on the wines on offer.

2. Expert advice in order to select the right wine for every occasion and to find out which dishes it goes well with.

3. Exclusive offers and the best price on the market.

4. The guarantee of a prestigious brand that vouches for the quality and value of the products offered.

5. The opportunity to enjoy exclusive products, to purchase the right to reserved quantities of wine, to have access to limited edition wines, or even to purchase wines at a better price before they are officially on the market. You can enjoy a wide range of educational and fun activities that will bring you closer to the world of wine and gastronomy: tasting courses, visits to the winery, tickets to trade fairs with discounts, to name just a few examples ...

International Wine Association

The International Wine Club Association (IWCA), in English the International Association of Wine Clubs, is an organization that connects the most important wine clubs and wine wholesalers in the world. The IWCA was founded in 1994 by 40 members from 17 different countries on the 5 continents.

The members of the International Wine Club Association recognize and respect the Code of Good Practice. Thus, the quality of the services they offer and the way they work are guaranteed by this prestigious association.