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IP according to QAM modulation platform

for broadcasters, cable network operators and telecommunications companies

Based on the U 100 headend series, the U 159-x IP-to-QAM module offers ultra-dense QAM modulation for cable TV networks with sophisticated functions. The unique architecture of the U 100 headend series enables maximum density with maximum reliability for professional technical environments. Hardware and software-based redundancy mechanisms are developed in close cooperation with our customers in order to meet the requirements for every operator!
The U 159, U 159-S and U 159-D devices are slide-in modules for U 100 base devices. The U 159-O was designed with particularly robust components for outdoor use, even at higher temperatures. It has all the properties of our well-known U 159 module and is also able to generate up to 64 QAM channels from the IP input signals. All connection sockets and control elements - including the sockets for the 48 V power supply - are available on the front of a 19 inch housing for this device.


  • up to 192 QAM channels per 19 "U (except U 159-O)
  • up to 64 QAM channels per module
  • flexible input configuration with four 1G data interfaces (SFP)
  • Reception of SPTS and MPTS
  • High output level
  • excellent signal quality thanks to proven Direct Digital technology
  • integrated 20 dB test point
  • static or dynamic NIT, NIT from PID
  • low power consumption per channel
  • Software support

Features - as required *

  • Data connections (1 included), max. 3 additional ports depending on the required input data ratio
  • internal redundancy function for connection and source redundancy
  • RF channel package (16 QAM channels included), 8 additional channels per package
  • powerful multiplexer, SPTS and MPTS multiplexed on QAM channels
  • SFP modules available
  • secure administration via SSL (https)
  • Authentication via RADIUS server
  • Encryption of transmitted QAM channels according to CSA (U 159-S)
  • QAM probe with integrated decoder for analyzing the output signal (U 159-D)

Different modules - a variety of functions

Signal processing

  • IP input SPTS / MPTS via four 1G SFP
  • Management via redundant management connections
  • powerful transport stream processor for multiplexing, NIT calculation, filtering, encryption
  • FPGA-based digital QAM modulator, each output channel can be configured separately
  • 20 dB test point per module

Redundancy options

  • N + 1 or 1 + 1 hardware redundancy, controlled by the U 100-C management module
  • active connection redundancy with monitoring of the redundant signal connection
  • active source redundancy with monitoring of the redundant signal source
  • each signal source can have a different priority with adjustable hysteresis to avoid polling
  • Service-based redundancy, i.e. a missing service in TS leads to a switch to redundant TS
  • all redundancy switching options can be carried out manually or automatically

QAM modulation

  • up to 64 QAM channels per output
  • high output level to allow passive combining and avoid a single point of failure
  • MER ≥ 44 dB, shoulder attenuation> 56 dB
  • Output frequency up to 1006 MHz


The U 159 module consists of the central module with the receiver, the TS processing and the QAM modulator as well as the active backplane with the HF amplifier, the SFP ports and all other interfaces. The hardware is designed so that the exchange of the central module is possible without affecting the wiring of the backplane, which simplifies the daily work of the technician.

Application examples

  • up to 48 QAM channels
  • including link, source and N + 1 device redundancy
  • redundant signal sources under surveillance
  • redundant power supplies
  • up to 64 QAM channels
  • including link OR source and N + 1 device redundancy
  • redundant signal sources under surveillance
  • redundant power supplies
  • up to 64 QAM channels
  • including 1 + 1 device redundancy
  • redundant power supplies
  • up to 64 QAM channels
  • 19 inch device with management interfaces, data ports, HF output, test point and SFP slots integrated in the front



Front display to show the operating status such as IP configuration, error messages, firmware version and more ...

Redundant power supply through the use of two U 100-SNT ECO PSU per U 100-230 base unit. Optionally available 48 VDC base unit

Comprehensive control module for time-controlled updates, backup switching and centralized management of the head station

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