Are drumsticks good for fighting sticks?

How can I improve my technique?


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sticks don't last a lifetime. Of course, there are also differences depending on the hardness of the sticks, they last a little longer.
wear and tear is normal. if you play the hi-hat with your thigh, that is the part of the stick after the point. about 10-15 cm ++ -.
But that's also part of playing if you want a little more power. maybe your hihat is a bit too high
set. i know that is not easy, if the HH is too low you hit your hand if it is too high you quickly have an unfavorable angle of attack.
also check your overall set-up, the height of the snare, etc. then check your angle of attack, the angle should not be too extreme. the blows should come from the wrist, regardless of whether you play up and downstroke or
rebound. the stick should lie loosely in the hand, so you don't press the stick so hard against the hihat.

Playing twice during the week is also very little. get yourself a pad so that you can practice at least every day, even if it's only half an hour. you can get a lot done in half an hour. especially when you learn the punching techniques, daily practice makes a lot.
the point is to get a feel for the stick quickly and this then results in better control over the stick,
what will affect your gazen drumming.

There are no tricks the only trick is practicing.