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Teach an online course yourself? Courseography connects lecturers and course providers

Lots of online lecturers are respected experts in their subject area. They teach everything from programming courses to business and lifestyle topics.

Well-done courses can quickly reach tens of thousands of participants. The Start as a freelance lecturer however, it can be complicated.

There are well-known providers such as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning or Skillshare that Course platforms for individual lecturers operate (the first two also for German-language course content). There are also many smaller providers for certain topics and target groups.

But which provider is the best choice for your personal topic? And what can you earn with your course on the individual platforms?

Courseography is a startup that Bringing experts together with learning providers. Lecturers can create course proposals within minutes and are then connected to relevant (online and offline) course providers. The startup has already started for English-speaking lecturers and is planning to expand its offer soon also in other languages to expand.

We have Michael Hegglund, the founder of Courseography, to learn more about his platform.

"Lecturers can simply submit course proposals"

Edukatico: Please tell us briefly what Courseography is.

Michael / Courseography: Courseography is one Course idea discovery platform, which brings together freelance lecturers, subject matter experts and trainers with companies, schools and learning providers in the global lifelong learning market.

Lecturers who want to teach a classroom or online course just have to Submit a simple course proposal and we will then help them find learning providers and paid teaching opportunities.

The platform is available to lecturers, experts, speakers and trainers available free of charge. You can submit as many course ideas as you want to us and activate and remove them as you wish.

"We bring you together with learning providers so that your course finds a home"

Edukatico: What is the main benefit for experts and for organizations? What's this Problem that Courseography Solves?

Michael / Courseography: Our goal is to address some of the supply-side problems in the lifelong learning market. How do lecturers find efficient both face-to-face and online teaching options that match your ideas?

Suppose you are an expert and want to teach a particular subject that you are passionate about. Then we will bring you together with learning providers and organizations, so that your course finds a home and you can earn an income with it.

We build one broad pipeline of lecturers and experts who are ready to offer their courses and training. Thereby are Learning provider ableTo get course programs up and running faster to generate sales and to teach their target audience in any format they want.

Edukatico: Since we are a search portal specifically for online courses, our users are primarily interested in online learning providers. Udemy and Skillshare are available as Platforms for individual trainers known. Who are the other major providers?

Michael / Courseography: As you know, the online learning landscape is very large.

As an online trainer, you have numerous opportunities to offer his course. So how can you differentiate between providers and decide which platform could be the right one? And, most importantly, how much can you earn by creating and offering a course?

We recently published an in-depth instructor's guide on some of the large online learning platforms written. [Note: The guide in English contains more instructor information on Udemy, Teachable, Podia, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, Pluralsight and ed2go.]

And if you like us after ours dearest new provider Asks in this area, I would encourage all instructors to also check out They offer an all-in-one platform with which you can create and sell courses. At Courseography, we built our training tutorials and courses using their platform.