Which is the biggest word in the world

“The spoken word is the greatest power in the world.” Interview with motivational speaker Christian Bischoff

St. Peter-Ording.

[dropcap size = small] E [/ dropcap] r describes himself as a top performance expert. Christian Bischoff is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers. The former top athlete gives lectures, workshops and seminars in medium-sized companies as well as with global players. The 39-year-old is now in the far north for the first time. EK editor Torsten Beetz asked the successful coach about his talents, his own motivation and his hopes.

Self-confidence. Self-confidence. Why are we humans not given this in the cradle - as an innate trait, as it were?

Because we control our self-confidence via our thought patterns, our psyche. We only develop both in the course of our lives.


When did you first notice that you can make a difference, inspire people?

I was a professional basketball coach for over ten years. I've always been known in sports as the “motivator” who helps players make the most of their opportunities and never lose faith in themselves.



Is it an art, a talent - or can you learn what you do?

You can learn to talk to a certain extent. But it is as much an art as being a violin virtuoso or a professional Piano player. Not everyone can get really good at it. The spoken word is the greatest power in the world. More powerful than nuclear weapons. Because it is always words that set these weapons in motion. They fill halls and inspire thousands of people every year.


You are among the best in your class. Coaching has become fashionable - and there are countless dubious providers. How do you actually recognize a good coach?

Others have to judge that. I don't judge colleagues. I pay attention to my seriousness. You can decide for yourself whether people want to work with me in my seminars. The chemistry should be right. You can usually feel that through a “youtube” video.



Do you promise success?

I promise you that after my events you will have a repertoire of strategies for success. Everyone is responsible for the implementation. Personal responsibility is the key to success. Spökenkiekerei and Tüddelkram.


What do you say to your critics?

Nothing at all. Because an idiot can make more stupid accusations and claims in one minute than a scientist can refute in his life. They are relatively rare in the far north.



Now for the first time in St. Peter-Ording - at the invitation of the friends' association. How could he motivate you to come to the Eiderstedt peninsula?

They really wanted it for their students. And I'm always enthusiastic about young people. I really enjoy working with them. My school tour "Make the positive difference" has developed into the most successful motivational training at German-speaking schools. I am proud to be able to be with you in the far north for the first time.


What are you hoping for from the events?

I always expect the best and expect the worst. That means, as a speaker, you must never assume that everything will go smoothly. The main thing is that we have a lot of fun in all three events (twice in the morning with the students, in the evening for adults). I am happy when a lot of people come in the evening.