What do the voters think of the charges against Trump?

The US voters have already removed Trump from office

A second impeachment process is pointlessly divisive, with no prospect of success and, above all, unnecessarily so close to the inauguration of a new president.

The shock runs deep, the horror and anger are great after the storm on the Capitol in Washington. The US Democrats are determined to launch a second impeachment trial against Donald Trump on Tuesday. They accuse the head of state of inciting the mob that entered Congress on Wednesday. For weeks, Trump has been inciting his supporters by stubbornly but without the slightest evidence that the victory was stolen from him. Trump has also called for the protests against the congressional confirmation of the election of Joe Biden as the new president, albeit not for a violent invasion of the Capitol; at least there is no evidence of this yet.

It is obvious that Trump shares political responsibility for the hideous chaos that has cost the lives of five people. The courts should clarify how far his guilt extends. The federal prosecutor for Washington has already announced that it will investigate Trump's role. The impeachment process that the US Democrats are now striving for is pointlessly divisive, with little prospect of success (17 Republicans would have to approve in the Senate) and, above all, unnecessary. Because the US voters have already removed Trump from office. In nine days, on January 20th, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the new president. With the best of intentions, the impeachment process against Trump cannot be completed before his inauguration. And to depose him after the end of his term of office would be a little too late and just steal the show from the new man in the White House. Trump no longer deserves that much attention.

The necessary task of excluding him from all political offices in the future falls to the Republicans or, ultimately, to the American voters, if not before judges have passed their judgments. Even if it has not yet leaked to all of his supporters: Seldom has a politician been morally disqualified as thoroughly as the notorious liar and demagogue Donald Trump. A principle of democracy that is as simple as it is irrevocable is to accept defeat in the elections and to give up the power that has been borrowed for a limited time without hesitation. Those who are unable to do so should be denied access to the field forever.