What is the full form of NCL

The disease

In juvenile NCL (CLN3), the affected children develop normally at first. The first signs are usually when you start school with a Poor eyesight clear. This leads to a rapid one after one to three years Blindness.

One begins around the age of eight mental degradation (Dementia). The children lose skills they have already learned, such as arithmetic and writing. Since they consciously experience the course of the disease, it also happens Changes of character. From the age of 11, the Conspicuous pronunciation, 2 years later, the ability to speak has often completely disappeared. There is also a Loss of mobility, which, as the disease progresses, causes the child to become on the wheelchair is instructed. Another symptom is the occurrence of a epilepsy, moreover, it can too cardiac problems come. Before the age of 20, the disease reached a stage in which almost all skills were lost.

The NCL patient loses control of his bodily functions, has to be fed artificially and is a 24-hour care case. NCL patients die between the ages of 20 and 30, mostly from dehydration or respiratory paralysis. In Germany around 700 children suffer from NCL, worldwide it is assumed that 70,000 NCL sufferers.